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Purple Tom

2001 Audi S3 1.8 Quattro in Silver

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Here is the advert for my 2001 Audi S3. I’ve owned this car for 18 months and am regrettably putting it up for sale purely because I need to raise funds for a house deposit. If I could live in this car then I'd keep it!


I’ll cover the basics first:


- Mileage: 115862

- MoT: 25/05/2017

- Service History: Full and extensive with a folder full of receipts all in date order.

- Keys: 2 - both full remote


Standard Spec:


- 1.8T 20V AMK engine (210PS)

- 6 speed gearbox with Haldex 4x4

- 17” alloy wheels

- ESP and ABS

- Xenon headlights

- Full black electric leather interior with Recaro front seats

- CD player with 6 CD-changer

- Climate control

- Remote central locking and electric windows


Optional Extras:


- Heated front seats

- Electric tilt and slide sunroof

- Auto-dimming rear view mirror

- Centre rear headrest

- BOSE Audio system




I’d wanted an S3 for ages and spent a long time looking for the right car. I chose this one because of its high spec and decent history. I’m pretty handy with the toolbox and also extremely particular about the cars that I own. I keep them to a very high standard and do not tolerate things not working properly or things not looking right. So when I first bought it I carried out a routine service (including haldex oil and filter), new genuine rear springs and shocks and had 4 new Continental SportContact5 tyres fitted. I also had some paintwork done to rectify a very small amount of bubbling on the roof rails (a very common 8L A3 fault).


I then took it off the road in the winter of 2015 due to not wanting to run it through the bad weather. I also did some further work on it in order to fix a few niggles and also to ‘future proof’ it and ensure there would be no issues for a long time. The work consisted of:


- Engine out and rebuilt with a new head gasket, head bolts, valves lapped in and oil pick-up pipe cleaned out.

- New turbo (K04) due to a small amount of play in the turbine shaft

- New dual mass flywheel, clutch and CSC (LUK)

- Genuine timing belt kit including hydraulic tensioner and water pump

- Full service including replacing all 4 coil packs

- Fully rebuilt powdercoated front calipers and carriers

- Fully rebuilt rear calipers with powder coated carriers

- Brake fluid and coolant change

- Fitted a Badger5 TIP due to the original having a small split in the DV outlet (original will be included in the sale)

- New xenon bulbs

- Replacement rear xenon level sensor

- New alarm siren

- All 4 wheels fully refurbished (blasted and powdercoated) by The Wheel Specialist in Burton on Trent.


Once back on the road in April this year it ran far better than it did when I took it off the road and I felt like it was properly sorted with no big bills going to be needed in the future. I stuck it through an MoT in May to make sure there were no other issues and it passed with no advisories and no issues with the emissions.

As well as the above work it has very regular washing and polishing and because I’m pretty fastidious it has oil changes every 3000 miles. It’s fault code clear on Vagcom and gets regular scans to check for any faults (there aren’t ever any). What I’m getting at is that there’s nothing on the car that doesn’t work. If it’s fitted, it works. I also obtained a set of genuine Audi rubber mats to protect the carpet and I’ve fitted a boot liner to it too, again to protect the boot carpet. Included in the sale is a set of genuine, almost new front carpet mats too.


The bad bits:


I’ve gone to great lengths to say how good the car is mechanically but now its down to the bad bits, all cars have them! There’s only a couple:


- The front bumper – it looks good from anything more than a couple of metres. But get close up and there a few stone chips and very minor marks. It also has the shallowest of car park scuffs on the N/S corner, slightly too deep to polish out and therefore noticeable. If I were able to keep the car then I’d eventually get the bumper repainted.

- The head unit – has some wear on a few of the buttons, nothing excessive but worth mentioning.




In summary, it’s a fantastic car that needs for nothing at all mechanically. Cosmetically it is fantastic and in superb condition for a 15 year old car. The newly refurbished (and completely unmarked) wheels really set the car off nicely.

There is comprehensive service history that backs up the mileage and it drives really really nicely. It is standard (other than the TIP) and would be a great base for modifying or to keep in standard condition and use as a daily or weekend toy.

It’s got a really high spec and regularly returns 34-35mpg for me over a tankful which isn’t bad for its performance.


I really don’t want to sell but needs must and I’m confident that the first person that comes to view it will buy it. I'm also confident that you will struggle to find a standard S3 thats been as well looked after with all the big jobs done for the same sort of money.


In addition – if I get the full asking price I will also include the personalised registration mark that the car came with – S3 UDP. This is valued at £400 and I have the retention certificate.


Thanks for reading. To arrange a viewing or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


* Any test drives will be at my discretion and will require the potential buyer to provide a valid certificate of insurance demonstrating a minimum of third-party liability *


£4250 please.


The car is in Belper, Derbyshire (postcode DE56) Any questions or to arrange a viewing please contact me on 07545 905165.







































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