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g60 slight stumble from idle /low revs

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my g60 has had an annoying random stumble


when going from coasting , say going around a T junction or sharp corner then onto the gas it sometimes has a slight stumble then carrys on as normal , cant make it repeat itself and doesnt seem to be any pattern , idles fine , pulls fine


everything is in good order , quality service parts etc

cam and ign timing checked

o2 sensor unplugged makes no odds

tried some plugs and leads


any ideas please

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Hard to diagnose if it is so infrequent. As it is happening as you come onto throttle, have you had a look at the throttle body? I wonder if the idle micro switch is a bit gummy so when you accelerate it is hesitating. Cleaning the throttle body, and adjusting the switch a little may help.


Have you checked the basics such as timing and co pot resistance? I know it is intermittent and is running fine otherwise, but you've got to start with the simplest stuff.

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switches do check out ..but yeah have to wonder if its sticking once in a while


did wonder if injectors dribbly or funny pattern , but then it idles and seems fine most of the time

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