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Hi guys


After a 4 year break I've been bitten by the dub bug again and I find myself on the hunt for another Corrado after falling in love with my last one.


Ideally looking for something in the midlands but would be willing to travel if the right car popped up a bit further away.


Ideally (but not essential) looking for a 2.0l 16v model as I've racked up a few points over the past few years and insurance on a VR is coming up silly money. Must be road worthy with MOT so it can be driven home.


Not afraid of something that needs a little bit of love but within reason, no leaky rust buckets with holes in the floor pan or sills please ;) MUST have a strong hand break....my driveway is rather steep, don't want it rolling into the neighbors brand new M5 haha


Ideally looking for something I can put a deposit on until payday rolls around in mid November.




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Hello there welcome back so your getting the Corrado rush again, these cars certainly do bite back sometimes with some of their faults.

But we always pour love & money into them keeping them alive, even though our wallets are empty then, lol

The VR6 has fantastic power and amazing 3rd gear and of cause that engine sound, it's like music to your ears.

Ive got a 2.0 16v myself which has got a fairly good 3rd gear as well.

They certainly handle really well these Corrados.

Years ago when I was first looking for one I test drove a G60 absolutely lived it, the only reason why I chose the 16 valver was because I felt they would be slightly cheaper on insurance and maintenance issues/costs.


There's not loads of cars out there that put a big smile on your face.


Hope you find one soon.



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Hello, was just thinking of selling my white one, as need room, got another car coming. It's a VR6 so might be no good for you but hell of a car. Totally rebuilt engine and gearbox, basically everything new within last 2 years, I mean everything, RS4 alloys, refurbed, koni adustables, Eibachs, big brakes, grey leather, BMC carbon fibre filter heatshield and cold air feed, very neatly done, EV6 injectors, remapped, stainless steel exhaust, decatted. just flew through MOT no advisories, passes emissions without cat runs so clean, very quick, very very grippy, new continentals all round, stops very well. Everything works, mechanically perfect, abs perfect, new clutch, no rust, only work needs is a big dint in door, where a motorbike side swiped it, only the door, and I can supply door but will need spraying. Don;t have time or room to sort. Message me if interested, I'm going to do an ad. and pics whn get chance but if you can do deal quickly bargain to be had. Insurance co. valued at £6500 for claim, in writing, took cash in lieu, but like say don't really have time and room to sort. Basically every mechanical part is new, bushes, sensors, pipes, joints, heater matrix, blower etc. but ask about anything. I'll do full list when do ad. but it will be a long one.

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