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Corrado 2.0 16 Valve AGU 20VT Conversion

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Hi Guys & Girls,


I have just signed up here and would love some support and advise on my corrado project I am currently re-spraying. Having owned a number of Corrado's over the years Ive become committed to restoring a 1995 2.0 16v with the intention of an AGU conversion from a 1999 Audi A3.


I am looking for advise on the parts required and I have documented a little bit about what I have and I would appreciate any help and advise for the project:


Vw Corrado 2.0 16valve (running)


Engine: Audi A3 1999 5V Turbo (Cable throttle Body) (92K Miles) KO3 Turbo, ECU, Clocks, std Intercooler. No Pipework.


Any help on parts for mounts, Ecu, wiring, downpipe. KO3s upgrade or remap etc would be appreciated and anything else I may be overlooking!


From my research I am lead to believe the corrado 2.0l 16v subframe will accommodate the engine? What mounts would be required? Vr6 clutch with G60 flywheel? Using the 9A gearbox (currently in my 2.0 16v)


Thanks and I really appreciate your help!


Luke (Leicester UK)

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Have a read of this thread from 2011,

plus it's had recent posts.

Looks like some of the guys on there have done the conversion already, and others are starting to do it.





Also read this one it's got info regarding engine mounts.




Also some info in this attached thread on

wiring issues.




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Welcome along,


I've recently carried out this conversion and willing to help with any questions you may have. I've also got an AGU ecu for sale that I had the immobiliser removed from that I won't need from this weekend if that helps out. I've got spare engine looms too.

For a downpipe and chargepipe i'd look to these guys http://trackslag.com/index.php?id_category=13&controller=category. I have their 3" downpipe and charge pipe for my K04 which are spot on

You're current mounts will be fine but i'd check the condition of them and replace as needed

I have no experience of this but the vr6 friction plate is used as an upgrade depending on how much power you are aiming for and use your current flywheel.

It could be worth changing out the gearbox to a diesel box or 02J as the ratios on your current 16v box will be fairly short



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Hi Luke,

I work on sailing yachts as a trade and am fairly hands on but no electrician. I used some of the guides on club gti for the wiring and just got stuck in one weekend. Once you've stripped it all down, it's not too hard.

You'll need to send off the agu ecu to have the immobiliser removed if you want to use your existing ignition and clocks.

You may be fine on the standard gearbox but the turbo engine will have more torque than the 16v and want to break traction, plus I'm sure that knowing you're just a remap away from more power you'll give in to temptation and get it turned up.

Any descent exhaust shop should be able to chop in a cat to whichever downpipe you choose.

Personally I'd go for a k03s, especially whilst it's all apart but I never seem to have enough power. It will need a remap to get the most of it though

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Hi Luke,


I have done this aswell so always here to help.

Just completely rewired mine so all the wiring is hidden.

Do you have any of the wiring drawings to refer to, I can send if you need them?

Do you have a loom and ECU, Most of the wiring will be ready to put in if you have, there isnt alot to modify if you have the confidence to give it a go ;)


My preference was to use the original VW ECU, mainly because it has the capability to give you more than enough power for the car, it will have the full VW diagnostics which is very useful for problem solving and logging when its running, they are readily available for cheap money, millions was spent developing it, they are reliable and there are plenty of tuners for them whether you go for an off the shelf map or rolling road tuned.




Lets go through these one by one


My knowledge of looms and wiring is limited although prior to seeing your message I had a chat with a guy called will today (ebay name Gladder) regarding a wiring loom conversion. He explained seeing as though I had a late model corrado - the wiring loom he offers would get all of my original clocks working as they should unlike early spec Corrado's which require a tachometer convertor) all I would need to do is send my looms and ecu and I would get everything back plug and play with extended wiring where necessary to neetly accommodate in a corrado engine bay.


The late cluster tacho does work straight off the AGU ECU (and any others that transmit a digital level output)




- Probably a silly question, am right in thinking I would swap my 16v ecu with the AGU ecu or is either compatible?


Yes, you would remove the old ECU and loom then replace it with the 1.8t loom and ECU using some of the old cables for power, ign, fuel pump switching from the old loom




- Power wise I understand the KO3 AGU is 150bhp - I like the idea of a smoother power delivery and the idea of going turbo. My 16v engine I feel needs a rest although I have a spare fully rebuilt 2.0l/KR engine in my shed but deciding to go 20vt


In standard 150 the engine will be a bit disappointing, you will need to map it to make it work properly, a K03 will go to about 190bhp, I have a map you could use, you just need a MMPS lead from ebay and to wire in the OBD port (k-Line diags to the ECU)




- From what I've read around the net the 02A is a lot stronger gearbox than the 02J. I'm not planning to run too much power at this stage, I would just like to get everything in and running. As you suggest short gears? In the respect of 0-60? Lacking top end? I'm ok with that (Volvos pretty good after 50:) Idealy I'd like to have the corrado quick off the mark rather than a license ban!


02J has the rep for the rivets holding the diff together letting go but it is the gearbox designed for the engine, but it will also depend on what size wheels you use, the mk4 golfs generally came with 16" rims so using smaller will alter the gearing and make the gears shorter




- Down pipe wise, great thanks for the link! I have a 2.5" power flow stainless exhaust system I purchased late last year up to the front Cat (cat Not looking great) so would replace this with a new one (would I just continue to use a 16v cat?) into the downpipe? I don't want hassle of de-cat mot failures.


You will need a downpipe to bolt onto the turbo, CAT is optional but you may need it for the MOT depending on the year your was made





- whilst I've got the engine out - is it worth considering upgrading to KO3s turbo, as I see the 2.5" downpipe would be compatible for KO3 and KO3s - would switching the turbo to KO3s make any difference without a remap? I understand swapping the turbos over shouldn't require any other parts - read somewhere replace the tip with a KO3s.


If you change to a k03s you will need a map, (I have one for an AGU with a K03s mod) you can get 220-230 with the k03s which is a big difference and very noticable



You'll need to think about brakes aswell, at least 280s if not look at the 288 or 312 upgrades


Hope that helps

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Cheers for the reply Oli, I will get the taptalk app and get a photo or two up of the car as it stands (before I started sanding)


Haha- turn it up! Lol, I had been considering a BAM initially but didn't like the idea of hammering the pedal box in. AGU seems like the easiest to swap in with it being the only Cable throttle! And solid internals for 230bhp What Accelerator Cable are you using btw?


From reading about other 20v conversions I'm probably over thinking the worst of the parts I need.


So far I think my parts list I need:

- Mounts (optional upgrade to bolybush front mounts) and solid front engine mount) did you have an issue with the engine against the master cylinder?


- Ecu immobiliser delete & loom conversion

- New 2.5 down pipe

- Vr6 clutch (optional) using my original 16v flywheel or upgrade to a lightened g60 flywheel using my 16v 9A gearbox (prepare if I decide to remap later on)

- New KO3s turbo

- Upgrade to front G60 brake discs & Calipers

- new intercooler and pipe work - I would like this unseen below the license plate behind the bumper without chopping anything out - any advice on an intercooler and piping?


Everything else should bolt right up and away we go!?)






I've probably gone over the top with my mounts having Vibratechnics all round and a polybushed front cross member but there is still movement there. I was trying to avoid flex due to the 3" downpipe being so snug. You'd probably be ok on standard mounts in good condition.

The cambelt cover is close to the master cylinder but there is a safe amount of clearance.


For brakes and being four stud fitment, I wanted a bolt on option that was fairly inexpensive so opted for 305mm discs from a Seat Ibiza Cupra R with Porsche 911/Boxster S front 4 pot Brembos with off the shelf adapters. They seem to stop it well even on standard road pads.

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Hey Rado 20vt,


Trying to catch up, yeah would the map go onto the AGU? I like the idea of keeping the original 16v ecu if i can put a map on that?any map information or wiring loom info would be great.

Haha here's the kit conversion ive bought from the 1999 A3, understandably i wont need the intercooler, fuel pump etc!, the wiring loom however looks quite busy :)


Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk


You cant keep the 16v ECU so you will have to change it to the AGU.


The wiring looks worse than you think ;) most of that will go in the bin


This was mine when it was last running before I updated it


I can email the pdf for the loom or you could download it from here:




Alot of useful info on there from rubjonny on clubgti


I got my ECU immobilisor removed by a guy with the user name of Andyout, agin on club GTI, he is cheap for doing it, or look for Andy Outhwaite of facebook



Car looks good, you paint it all yourself?

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Hey guys and gals, just want to say thanks to everyone who offered support on my project. It’s been a couple of years in the making, but finally completed everything last year!

Literally everything has been replaced! 
Full respray, rebuilt 20vt, Ko3s turbo, stage 2, wiring loom by Dubnutz, all new belts, new cambelt, auxiliary, water pump, alternator, tensioner, battery, Brembo brakes (+G60 calipers), discs, pads, wheel bearings, abs pump, all wheel sensors, leather seats, new headlining, all sensors, knock, water, oil, air, aem AFR, new intercooler and pipework, hybrid shallow sump + new oil return pipe, full stainless power flow exhaust with track-slag down pipe, all fluids changed, new wheels, tyres, new windscreen and the list goes on!…

really looking forward to catching up with likeminded enthusiasts this year and any corrado owners up for meeting up in the East Midlands for a convoy and a cruise feel free to link me up! 

cheers, Luke 




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Just seen this, looks amazing, hopefully see it in the flesh one day!

Love the wheels, how did you get hold of some G60 callipers? looking for some for my 8V? 

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3 hours ago, JJBRADO said:

Just seen this, looks amazing, hopefully see it in the flesh one day!

Love the wheels, how did you get hold of some G60 callipers? looking for some for my 8V? 

G60 calipers are exactly the same as VR6 (280mm). Will help widen your search. 🙂

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