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Acid dipped shell, roll cage, seam welded project with many carbon panels.

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After long consideration and a few previous nearlies, I have come to the conclusion to move my long term project on.


Some history on the car.


Purchased as a rolling shell from a friend, this 1990 G60 had a very good road going life. Very little damage to the shell from rot or accident damage, with one slight ding on the near side rear quarter and a slightly crushed passenger sill.

After storing the car for some years I started to work in the indusrty, specialising in the Corrado as some of you will already be aware.


Whilst in the occupation, I started to move this project forwards after making good friends with a contact who had a history working for professional racing teams, including the likes of McLaren GT, Audi Sport, etc. After the shell was acid dipped he commenced work on seam welding the chassis to the same specification used in modern BTCC cars, which under torque tests require 10,000+ newtons of force to deflect the shell by 1 mm for end to end, making the shell very stiff therefore very responsive.


At the same time, installation of a MSA 2017 regulation compliant welded in rollcage (with main ROPS wall thickness of 2.5mm, manufactured by custom cages) commenced. The cage is complete in terms of main tubing, but cross bars are only tacked in place to allow them to be removed in order to easily complete the car. Both the roll cage and seam welding have been completed using both TIG and MIG processes and is very, very neat. The cage extends from the front turrets, all the way back to the rear turrets and has three cross braces, one in the roof, one in the rear, and one between the driver and rear passenger area.


My intention was to produce one of the lightest Corrado's out there and every little peice of metal that was not neccessary has been removed. For example the seat runners are no longer in the car, as they weighed 950g each and there are four of them. I think you get the picture of how far I was looking to go. The roof skin has been removed and I have a carbon fibre replacement to go with the shell and as I was planning a RWD conversion so the rear floor pan has been removed to allow fitment of a lighter carbon panel I was going to make from carbon sheeting. So far as an estimation I would say 100kg has been removed from the shell alone.


I pretty much got to this point and I came away from the industry for a number of reasons.


I have the time, money, patience and tools to finish this car - what I don't have any more is the love for it, there are things I love more.

There are so many more important things in my life for the forseeable that deserve the commitment over and above this.


So with the story over heres the sales part:


1990 Corrado G60 shell as description above, the shell has caught some surface corrosion, you can remove this by hand but it would be much more cost effective to have it dipped again.


Dipping: £1500 inc vat

Seam Welding: £1000

Rollcage parts and manufacture: £1850

Carbon Roofskin: £600

Total: £4950


This will also include, front slam panel, head lamps, grill, two complete doors, rear light clusters, door seals, boot seal, two refurbished powdercoated front hub knuckles, front and rear bumpers.


For sale: £2500


With the extra bits thrown in this I feel is a very fair price.



Plexiglass windows set for quarter light windows and door windows, including sliding hatches in door windows.




16v 9a bottom end with JE low compression pistons for turbo application (9:1).




16v 9a gas flowed cylinder head, has all hardware except camshafts.




The engine is currently split, but if someone were to want the engine as a complete, ready to go unit, I could complete the build for the cost of the required parts for you.


All parts are to be paid for with a non returnable deposit proportionate to their value with an agreed collection date, or payment in full before collection with an agreed collection date. If you pay the deposit, the remainder is cash on collection. I will not be taking deposits to hold parts until paydays etc.


I will accept payment by paypal, however if you want the full paypal buyers protection you will have to pay the fees.

All parts except where stated are collection only from North Nottinghamshire, but where possible I am willing to travel a part of the way for a contribution to the fuel cost.

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Updated a list of included items with the shell. I am open for discussion on pricing on certain components.

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Apologies for the o/t post but does anyone have any ideas what happened to all the LWS molds for all the corrado parts after they disappeared?

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