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OBD2 MAF possible replacements?

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Hi all


TL:DR: OBD2 maf broken, possible to replace MAF insert from maf from more common engine of that era?



After trying to chase down what I thought were lambda issues it turns out the element in the MAF had snapped which by the sounds of it would cause VAGCOM to show roughly the same symptoms, no difference with it plugged in or not so it's knackered.


The rado has an OBD2 swap from a 97 golf.


Is there a 4 pin MAF insert from a more common engine that'll slot right into the old housing, or is the VR6 one specific?


Part No.s:

On housing: 021 906 462A

On MAF insert: 671 20 1 A(?)

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The obd2 maf is not too pricey around £30. The obd1 is something like £90.

You can get a replacement from gsf

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