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Full Closure Alarm and Windows - dead........

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Good Evening Gentlemen. I trust you are all enjoying the sunshine., Just went to lock up the car, and take the windows up. Passenger side went up OK, but drivers side only half way, and the Central Locking isn't bringing the 'buttons' down on the doors.


Guessing this problem is related, so i'm half expecting some of you to say a fuse - particularly in this hot weather. Also guessing that the CL and the Windows are on the very same fuse - as it would be strange for them both to go kaputski at the same time.


As always, any input would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks

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I have the same problem and have read it is a fuse above the fuse box, im looking this weekend
Oh crap. I didn't know there was a fuse above the fuse box......

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