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Micky fletch

Corrado 16v for sale

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Evening everybody

Rather a vague post earlier but heres an update.

After owning my corrado for around 6 years now I have decided to let someone else enjoy it.

I have ventured out in it only a handful of times. The most memorable being castle comb for the 25 anniversary meet. After taking it off the road for winter 2 yrs ago I have never put it back on.

This means there is no M.O.T. And so I am selling it as a project car for someone else. There are a number of things already done to the car such as a long life stainless exhaust from the cat backwards, an updated wiring headlight loom,SWG scuttle cover, Lupo wipers so it’s well worth a look if anyone is interested.It is Classic green and surprise surprise the sunroof is in need of attention. The engine has 153k or there abouts and runs well. If anyone is interested just message me. One last thing it was in the calendar produced by the corrado club for the month of January 2017 which I also have. I would like somebody who has a passion for the corrado to have first choice hence why I have put it up on the forum first. There are some pictures in my profile but I can post more at the weekend.

Haven’t thought about a price just yet but I think in the region of a thousand pound. I’m sure someone will be understanding.

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