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Rear 280mm Vented Brakes with Cartridge Bearing and ABS Converion

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If you fancy a go:


1 x Left polo hub carrier - 6N0501117 and 1 x Right hub carrier - 6N0501118 (from 6N 1998 - 2002)

2 x hub bearings (5 stud) 6Q0598611, VKBA3567, R15731, 713610490, VKBA 3567 ( from polo 9N 2003 - 2009)

2 x 280x22mm vented discs (mine are from a 1.8 16v Toledo but lots of other VAG cars use these)

2 x Calipers and carriers suited to vented brakes (mine are from a Seat VRS, but lots of other VAG cars use these)

2 x carrier brackets - beskoke

2 x ABS adaptor shims - bespoke

2 x ABS sensors (if you cant get the old ones out in one piece







Polo hub carrier fitted



Polo Hub fitted with adaptor shim (pressed on, old polo magnet ring tapped off)



ABS ring to be fitted onto adapter shim (polo hub diameter is just a little bit too small)



Hub fitted to hub carrier



All assembled (due to the brake pads only sweeping the outside edge of the disk I painted the inner areas to help avoid rust. I also applied a light dusting of black to the rest of the disc for the same reason so that over time the only area exposes is where the pads rub against. Comparisson to before the conversion along with and overlay of the brake size difference.



All installed



If interested I could get a batch of the bespoke parts needed for the conversion made up but would need to understand interest and numbers in order to get a quote. I would imaging price for the bits to be between £40 and £80.


There are other ways to do a similar conversion such as using lupo rear brake carriers but these would offset the rears (make them stick out the arc more) and I don't think it allows for vented rears. This conversion in my opinion is the closest to OEM you can get.

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