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'94 Corrado VR6 Stealth Turbo

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I've had this car for nearly 12 years and have taken it from Standard, to what I'd say was one of the best Corrado's in the country. Full spec below but basically it's a VRT with LSD, Traction Control, Big brakes etc. No expense was spared in this build and I have a folder full of a scary amount of receipts to prove it!


Although I still love it, it's sat on my parents driveway for the last few years, getting driven up and down the road on a monthly basis, but it really is time I moved on and let it go to a new home.


Specs are as follows;


M Reg Aqua Blue Pearl Corrado VR6

Currently SORN


380Bhp, 375 lb/ft



Paint is pretty good for a 24 yr old car, but does need some polishing work + the usual small dents and scrapes to be expected.

Clear Oval repeater

50mm Spliter

Red film tinted Lights

Lupo Wipers


Engine bay

Stealth Racing Stage 1+ Turbo conversion: T60/1 Turbo with Garrett internals,FMIC, chrome pipework, manual adjustable Forge recirc valve, later CP ecu and 4" MAF housing.

Rebuilt VR engine fitted approx 10k ago.

8.5:1 Headspacer, Autotech 262 cams, ARP Head and Rod bolts, Bosch Green top Injectors

All new engine sensors, thermo housing etc

Dubpower Ht leads

Complete Custom 2.5 inch Stainless exhaust system built at Stealth, no cat is fitted, doesn't sound too boomy at all.New rubber hangers fitted

Vibratechnics Rear Engine and Gearbox mount, BlackForestIndustries Front Mount. Holds everything steady with no excess vibration from cold.

Wallbro in tank fuel pump

13 row Mocal Oil cooler, new standard heat exchanger and pipes with longer bolt

New Genuine Radiator + elbow (one of the last left of each)

Uprated Headlight Loom + Osram Nightbreaker Bulbs



Racelogic Traction Control (with Launch Control) Really helps get the power down and eliminates wheelspin very subtly.

Fixed Steering column with the last fixed cowling available!

New wheel bearings front and rear,r32 wishbone bushes, Ball joints, Track Rod ends, Subframe bushes,Powerflex rear axle bushes

Gearbox rebuilt by Riccardo in Leamington (they make the gearbox for Mclaren Mp12-4cs) and a Wavetrac LSD was fitted, new seals and bearings where needed.

Lightened and balanced Flywheel

New Helix clutch with heavy duty release arm

Audi S3 shift tower, TTweight and cables, mounted into OE Polo housing. Fits perfectly and gearshift is as good as a modern car.



17x7.5" Genuine BBS RC 323 alloys with Kumho KU tyres. Arguably one of the best wheels on a Corrado

10mm H&R hubcentric spacers front and rear

Weitec Hicon GT height adjustable coil overs.

Front: Porsche Boxster Brembo front callipers with standard VAG 312mm discs, Ferodo DS2500 pads. Pedal feel is really good and stopping power is great!

Rear: MKIV Golf rear Callipers with standard discs and Pagid pads

Goodridge raided front and rear lines

Weitec rear ARB



Recondtioned Standard Cream leather seats +doorcards

Black A,B & C pillars

Headunit with rear aux in

Panasonic speakers and tweeters

320mm Momo Race steering wheel

DDI backlit dials and Reverse LCD

Red LEDs in switches

New Headlight switch

New Window rollers

Chrome door pulls and pins

Silent coat sound deadening in doors pods, rears also filled with bubble wrap. Doors close with a nice thud.

EL Sheet Backlit heater controls red/blue colouring

Audi S-line Gearknob


Bad points:

Wheels could do with a refurb

Needs 4x new tyres

Heater control direction knob is broken, currently set on windscreen/face (may also fix myself)

Paint bubbles under inner arches

Small coolant hose leak


The car 'did' start and drive fine up to about 30mph, but has since cut out and won't start. I just don't have the time/will to look into it, and it's sad to see it sit there for another summer.


Price – £6500 takes it away.


Quick video of it running












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Back up for sale!

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RS4, 996 and young family means zero cash!

RS4 + cash my way? Lol


Tempting but I also have a C63 I don't drive nearly enough!

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Hi mate please tedt your number *Number removed* and I'll text a few questions if ok


*Mod edit* please exchange numbers via PM.

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Obd2 plus climatronic and you've got the best possible corrado. Superb spec, which deserves a good buyer

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Bump - Back up for sale.


It started fine and strong first turn, and was driving fine up to 2500rpm, but started spluttering above that. I ran it up to temp on the driveway ready for a longer drive and the engine cut out. It won't restart (I've tried a different battery and cleaning terminals).


Sadly, I don't have the time to look into it anymore, but would like to see it go to a good home this summer, rather than sitting on the driveway for another year.

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109 relay and crank sensor ok? Also, I recently traced a no start issue to a faulty cable to the starter solenoid. Yours is SUCH a great car its a shame to hear about these sorts of issues, i'm sure its something simple..

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Just checking if you received my last pm reply from Sat?


Hi Andy, received & replied.

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