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Dirt behind windscreen seal

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Part of my windscreen seal was not pressed in properly! On closer inspection looks like there’s quite the build up of dirt behind there! I know they are prone to rust in this area! Was just wondering if it would be a good idea of pull the seal out and give it a clean behind there. Is it just a case of pushing the seal back in, or do I need a proper windscreen fitter to do it?


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ivE found they are pretty difficult to get them to stay in once they have come loose. I cleaned mine out best I could without pulling anymore out that seemed a good fit, let it dry out in the garage for a week. Put some Por15 in a syringe with a fat needle and very carefully injected the length of the rubber while pushing the rubber in, wiping excess off straight away. Put masking tape over the top to keep it tight and left it for 24 hours . No problem since.

Hope this helps

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