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Changing VR6 injectors, fuel pump and rocker gasket - advice appreciated

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Hi all, planning to change out my injectors for a set of refurbished ones, will also be replacing the fuel pump (happy with that job as I've had it out a few times before), and while I had the intake off I was going to look at replacing the rocker cover gasket as well as I have an oil leak from the valve cover on the aux belt side. Was looking for advice or anything to look out for.


Rough plan was:


- run engine with fuel pump relay out to empty the rail and pipes

- disconnect battery earth

- remove all wiring to intake manifold including leads and lead guides

- disconnect intake boot from manifold

- undo intake bolts and remove

- remove injectors and rail

- clean and install new injectors in rail, refit

- etc.


I have new intake and throttle body gaskets and a rocker cover gasket. Are there any tricky bolts or things to look out for and will the injectors slip in easily with a bit of fuel on the new seals? What is the torque for the rocker cover bolts? And if I am that far in, is it much more work to inspect the condition of the chain guides?



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when you replace the rocker cover gasket make sure to use a small dab of sealant in the sharp 90degree corners. It may be that this is where yours is currently leaking from. If you're not replacing the fpr that's the hardest job to remove, so you're lucky!

On refitting the injectors, use a very small amount of lube on the seals to allow easy fitment into the fuel rail and then into the block. Its a nice satisfying job on the VR, unlike some of the others


Also, when you refit the inlet manifold gasket, you can also 'stick' it in place with a small dab of grease to prevent it falling all the time during refitting - very irritating.

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Nice top tip from when me and my mate refitted some injectors the other day, boil some water and put the seals in, give them a nice clean and refit them to the injectors. They will pop straight in without any grease as they won't be as swelled.


Your list sounds about right but I just find once you get cracking you soon just realise what needs to be done. Just make sure to undo the earths at the rear, that always caught me out

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Sound - thanks for the advice.


FPR won't need replacing - have done that twice already, and it's a real pain getting it out without damaging the rail or the FPR body.


The earths are a good tip - I'd forgotten about them.

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