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later vs early wing difference - example with photo

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This one has come up a lot over the years,


I have just become aware of being the unfortunate victim of purchasing a "guaranteed" late wing that is actually an early.


Unfortunately for me I bought this wing many years ago via ebay so have no recourse.


I have agreed to get the spare wing fitted and sprayed at a bodyshop as part of a sale fortunately i double checked and noticed before it went to body shop so it could have been worse, it was not that easy to determine so thought i would post this for future queries.


As you can see the late wing (one on the car) flare is wider by about 10mm, I tried lost of methods using ruler, paper etc to confirm/record the difference but this method is the one that made me determine the spare one was definitely an early.

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Interesting - what a pain to be ripped off like that. I thought there might have been other tell-tale differences as well? I suppose there were not part number stickers or other markings on it anymore.

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