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RS G60

MAF 4 pin, cam pos, coil pack connector and loom, late model

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Hi All,


Trying again to get a few parts required.


AS in the title I am after the wiring (as much length as possible) for the 4 Pin MAF, cam pos sensor and the coil pack.


I'm also looking for a Golf VR6 early 1995 (OBD1) ecu loom connector (loom side if explains it better)


Looking to convert to a later ECU (already in hand) to run coil pack and 4 PIN Maf.


I'm not interested in going full blown OBD2, lots of reason including full factory Air Con in a RHD car.


So I hope you all can understand I have to be sympathetic to the lookms etc that are all working and present.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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