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Alright, I'm tired of looking for frayed/grounded wires. DIY wire harness info?

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My corrado has been good to me, but as it gets older, more and more things have been blowing fuses. First it was the infamous fuse #14 which controls freaking everything from power windows to interior lighting and whatever else, then it was the fuse for the spoiler... then it was the fuse for the rear defroster, then it was the seat belt fuses, etc. etc. etc. Now, I know that some of these things are blowing for good reason. Gummed up motors, etc. but some aren't. The rear defroster fuse should not be blowing when I turn on the rear defroster. I'm guessing the wiring is shorted somewhere.


I'm tired of it. I've finally secured a good job and this spring/summer I'm going to tear the rado apart and build myself a new wiring harness. It's worth noting that I've had this car down to a shell before (at least on the interior), and when I did so I rewrapped all of the wiring harness with nice harness wrapping tape, but I guess the old wires have finally caught up with me. I'm unsure if I'll use harness wrapping tape again. I know for sure I'm going to use something with a bit more protection in the pinch points (door jams, etc.) Likely some plastic wire loom (yes, it's ugly, but it'll be hidden, and it'll protect a hell of a lot better than just a bit of tape.)


So my questions are this.


  1. Has anyone ever done this?
  2. Anyone know all of the wire/striped color combinations for all of the wiring? (Aka what colors do I need to buy?)
  3. How much wire (roughly) do you think I'd need to do this?



A secondary reason for doing this is so I have an excuse to take EVERYTHING down to nothing and make sure EVERYTHING works and will work for the life of the car. At this point, I'm restoring this car. I've had it for 17 years, and the last few up in the brutal winters of canada haven't been kind to it. I also want to do some other repairs/upgrades while it's apart (like better seat heaters.... can't even feel mine anymore despite the relay 100% kicking on when I turn it on.)


I do plan on re-using the connectors... for obvious reasons... no way in hell I'm sourcing all of those. That said, I do have a few donor harnesses from other VAG products from a similar year (even most of a Rado harness and fuse box), so I'll be able to scavenge connectors off of those if I break one. That said, anyone know if the metal inserts inside of the connectors are standardized in any way? (And by that I mean "are all of the connectors on the wiring harness the same style?") I'd love to replace all of the metal inserts inside of the connectors... That way I don't have to worry about destroying them when I pull them apart.


Anyway, any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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