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Eibach Spring Rates

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Hi Guys, 

Does anyone know what the spring rates are for the pro kit?

I'm researching whether I can have my cake and eat it - slightly lowered but comfortable suspension. On reading historic threads I came to the conclusion that 325 Ib/ft up front and circa 230 Ib/ft in the rear was a good road set up for road use.

I can't find what the eibach rates are but do know eibach have screwed up the rear springs (i have the correct replacements) and they don't offer springs specifically for the VR6 so I have a niggle in my mind that they weren't designed for the VR6. I have emailed H&R (who do have a kit for the VR6 29872-1) and they have told me 325ib/ft up front and 200 Ib/ft on the rear which is a good match to the figures above. Vince at Stealth also commented he had found H&R springs and were softer than eibach.

Now suspension is subjective and that's why I want to know the springs rates on eibach to know for sure. I haven't driven my VR6 in 7 months but I don't remember it being as supple as the H&R springs I have just fitted to a Golf mk4 (I know apples and pears). The Golf has Billy B4s where as the Corrado has B8s.

And just for anyones interest - Bilstein technical have confirmed to me that the shortened B8 shocks will work perfectly fine stock height corrado springs.



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As if by magic - Eibach have just replied but won't give out the info 


Hi Matt,


Thank you for your message.


Unfortunately we are not allowed to provide you with the spring rates, because we have to handle this very sensible information only for internal needs. Following please find all spring information which we can provide.





Spring characteristic:



Outside diameter:

140 mm

109 mm

Wire diameter:

13,00 mm

10,00 mm

Total coils:




I thank you for your understanding and hope to have been of assistance for you.



Mit freundlichen Grüßen | Best regards


Marvin Flick

Heinrich Eibach GmbH | Am Lennedamm 1 | D-57413 Finnentrop

T + 49  27 21 . 511 - 524 | F + 49 27 21 . 511 - 49 - 524

[email protected]


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And just for completeness - H&Rs email 



Thank you for your e-mail.


The spring rate of the front axle is 44 N/m.

The spring rate of the rear axle is 27 N/m.


If you have further questions, you can contact me.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen  /  best regards

Dana-Sophie Henke
Verkauf / Sales

H&R Spezialfedern GmbH & Co. KG
Elsper Straße 36
57368 Lennestadt / Trockenbrück
T: +49 2721 / 9260-264
F: +49 2721 / 10708
E: [email protected]

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Cheers Cressa.

So I tried a different tact with Eibach and asked if their pro kit springs were more or less stiff than the 325/230 above

They replied that their springs were "less stiff"

So now we know, would have liked numbers but thats good enough for me.

I'll be getting my car back this week so will be able to refimiliarise myself after a 7 month break.

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Does anybody know the spring rates for apex or AP coilovers? I've just ordered a set of 17" wheels, and next on my shopping list is coilovers. Don't want to spend a huge amount on them, but like the idea of adjusting ride height to suit. 

Main objective is a set of coilovers that are as comfy as possible, to compensate for the big wheels. I'm erring towards the apex, as ride height is independantly adjusted to spring pre load.

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I dont think either of those options are known for being comfortable. If you dont want to spend too much you are best going for a damper and spring combo (bilstein b4 and eibach is very reasonable) which will be better in the long run.

AP are made by the same company that makes KW but the shocks are inferior and they aren't stainless.

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