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Triple relay uprated headlight looms

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On 5/1/2022 at 1:13 AM, Tigerfish said:

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cracking m8 cheers

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i have done a count & looks like just 2 people remaining to send deposits - i will chase them up this week

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right - apologies guys, ive been having some site issues but think ive finally nailed it to being browser issue

update from Kurzy this week.....

looms are all pretty much ready but he is currently waiting for the OE connectors to arrive.  he has chased them up a couple of times & been told warehouse is busy.  they were the same when i ordered them for the previous run

hopefully they will arrive before he has to go offshore for work again - if they do he will do his best to get them out asap but if not he will be away for 4 weeks.  he sends his apologies but fingers crossed the connectors arrive

id like to thank everyone for sending their deposits nice & quickly - we have had all but one person, whom ive sent multiple messages but no reply

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hi all - i am happy to say that ive had an update from Kurzy on the looms 🙂

he is back from his offshore work, the OE connectors arrived whilst he was away & he has started to finish the looms straight away

half are tested & ready with the other half being completed this week

thank you everyone for your patience

the remaining balance is £59

if you could pls send the paypal friends & family to [email protected]

once sent if you could then put a confirmation on here i can keep a track of it

happy days

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