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Electric windows...

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So I'm in the processing of scratching my head putting my interior back together after a year out. I thought I'd test my windows, which a year ago were working fine and the mechanisms have not been removed, but found my drivers one won't go all the way down and the passenger side one got jammed halfway up but fortunately managed to get it to close.

Is this a sign of mechnaical failure or more likely something (wires?) getting in the way? I can't remember how the wiring and airlines were fixed. I've run mine in the doors on the clips along the bottom but not clipped anywhere else. The central locking wires look like they dangle randomly and they seem to dangle randomly to the exit of the door to the car. Are they supposed to be clipped in inside the door?





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There should be two clips between the wire from the handle and the point on the door where it plugs into the loom. They may just have fallen out and you will see some empty holes.

Hopefully the windows are just catching on something or are stick in the slider. Have you checked the rail on the bottom that the window rollers sit in is clear of debris and lightly lubricated?

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Thanks Fen, I hate window mechs - never stripped one before and hate doing them in case I can't get the window back up! No garage until Feb.

Maybe it is a dirty slider. Lots of dust and debris was cleared from the inner base of the door when I got it back.

Will check those clips but pretty sure I am clipped in if it is just those

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i hate them too!  Mine are all nicely greased but the drivers side on seems to struggle in the middle for some reason.


I would do the following:

Pop off the white base rollers, clean and grease.  Use a light grease

Clean the centre channel on which the main slider slides.  I would use either a heavy oil or again some light grease here

Finally, make sure the two side channels are clear - use a piece of cloth to remove any loose debris.  Clean and spray with a silicone spray.

If its still the same, you'll prob need to take the motor mech out, clean it and grease it up again.  Not fun.

But hopefully  the first few steps should sort it




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