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VW Corrado 1.9 TDI (AHU/1z Engine)


Over the last 5 years has been a great daily driver, all the fun of a Corrado and really low running costs – especially as I had a long commute!  But since buying a house and getting into DIY, sadly now I really need the space along with something I can haul stuff about and I don't mind beating up a bit!


230,000 miles (160,000 on engine)


Started life as a 2.0 16v vehicle and since then has had a lot of work done by myself and the previous owners.


Engine swap was done before my ownership, was a standard 1Z/AHU from a Mk3 Golf (90bhp) with an ASD ratio box. Also had a full DIY respray and minor cosmetic restoration (all details can be found here https://the-corrado.net/topic/68291-another-tdi/page/3/).

Log-book shows it as previously repaired, never done a HPI check on it so couldn't tell you the category, there is some evidence that the drivers rear quarter has been professionally replaced.


When I bought it, it was still running the original 4-stud set setup (narrow track subframe etc). Since then I have swapped out all the subframe and running gear for VR6 stuff, 288mm front brakes, mk4 rear brakes, adjustable coilovers and genuine TDI engine mounts from the Mk3 Golf to try and improve the NVH.


I also swapped the original wastegate turbo setup for a GT1749A (VNT) turbo and matching ECU - had intended to put some larger injectors on it, but for what i use it for, the turbo swap was more than enough. Drives very well and returns about 60-70mpg everyday driving. I fitted a PD lift pump to the original Corrado tank so can get roughly 900 miles from a tank.


Cruise control, moonroof and restored leather interior (dyed with Mercedes Savannah Beige), Climatronic HVAC fitted and working (not aircon)


Everything works as it should spoiler, sunroof etc. Also have a box full of Mk3.5 Golf ABS stuff (module/pump & harness) which I had planned to retrofit. Also have the Aircon condenser, hoses to retrofit to the Climatronic system, just never got around to buying the pump and finishing off.


Mechanically and interior wise the car is great, the exterior is starting to show its age again now with small bubbles in some of the common areas, around the rear arches, and also round the filler neck. also its been badly jacked up in the past and the sill is caved in a bit (picked up on the most recent MOT). Paint cleans up well with a polish and a really nice colour, No show winner but a real honest labour of love car for myself and previous owners.


£3000 ONO.


Located in Wickford Essex.


Give me a shout if any question 07946792666















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Nope still got it. Will give it a bit longer then unfortunately it’s going to have to go on eBay.

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That would be a shame - many timewasters there unfortunately 

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On 5/1/2021 at 2:52 PM, fla said:

That would be a shame - many timewasters there unfortunately 

Yes I was worries about that to be honest,  as it makes the process of selling even more painful. But I'm happy to be proven wrong!

Sadly it went on Sunday, but to a lovely couple with a good collection of Corrados and other VW's - so sure it couldn't be in better hands.

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