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**SOLD** Blackberry VR6 For Sale

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Sadly, I am selling my metallic blackberry VR6. Life has changed a lot for me in the last couple of years and I have new priorities now which, unfortunately, mean it's no longer feasible for me to keep my Corrado.

I've owned her since 2005. She was my daily runner until 2011 when 3 yrs of pay freezes etc. etc. forced me to SORN her. And there she sat until 2018 when I finally started working to get her back on the road. Cue a bit of a major hiccup in the form of an enforced relocation and Corona Virus, but now finally, as of Oct 2020, and roughly £2,200 later, she is running, driving, serviced and MOT'd again. 

I'll put as much detail as I can think of below, but please feel free to contact and ask questions, get more photos, whatever you like. 

  • 1994, M reg VR6 in Metallic Blackberry
  • MOT until Oct 2022
  • New service, Oct 2021
  • Mileage: 111,200
  • £6,000   £5,700 ono

Good Stuff:

  • Starts first time, every time
  • Runs lovely - brand new MAS and reconditioned ISV this October
  • Koni coilover adjustable suspension
  • Lupo windscreen wiper conversion
  • Green air filter
  • Spoiler works, goes up at 60mph
  • Still has original speedlines
  • Still has original first aid kit - unopened!
  • Headliner not sagging
  • It's the best colour

Less-good stuff:

  • Some rust coming on driver-side front wheel arch
  • Paint showing it's age a bit
  • Headliner is grey and could do with a shampoo
  • Driver-side headlight cracked - I have bought a replacement unit, I just can't shift the screws to replace it (combination lack of decent tools and strength!)
  • Passenger-side headlight has a stone chip
  • Driver's seat bolster fabric is a bit worn - yes, this means she has a fabric interior
  • Trip computer works when it wants to, not when you want it to
  • Passenger electric window won't open. You can hear the relay ping, but it doesn't move.

The Unknown Stuff:

  • I have not tried the sunroof. Just in case.

Overall she's showing some signs of her age and needs some more in-depth TLC, but she is a good, honest little motor. I think she runs better now than she did in 2011! I'm not a mechanic, but I think most of what needs doing now is more cosmetic. I still love driving her, she makes the best noise and still puts a massive smile on my face, but it's time she goes to an enthusiast who has the time and energy to put into her. She is a great start for someone looking for a Corrado to make their own and I would love to see her have a new lease of life with someone who will enjoy owning her as much as, or hopefully even more than, me.

She's based near Cardiff. Thank you for looking. And if you have a Corrado already, please do feel free to tell any friends who are jealous of your Rado 😉






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New price and MOT details

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Glws I read the advert bit couldn’t see a price . 

I wouldn’t post your mobile on here because of spammers 


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Still looks a great car. GLWS 

Are you putting her up on Pistonheads / Autotrader and places? Widen the audience, She will sell herself. 

Unfortunately for us we lose a forum member 😊

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Thank you. I will be putting her on Pistonheads and a few other places but thought I'd give you guys here first opportunity. I know a fellow forum member would really look after her 😉 

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Hi everyone, 

The VR6 has now sold. Thank you for all your help and support over the years I owned her.

All the best to everyone, Kate

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I just set up accounts on here and Pistonheads yesterday afternoon as I saw it for sale this weekend too haha!! Looked a great car, congrats on the sale 🙂


I’ll wait for another Blackberry VR6 to come up!! Best colour!

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