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dash speakers

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Thanks, that would be helpful!

My current thinking is to either remove 1 tab so it fits in the recess and use the grill to clamp the other three. Or remove two tabs and then expand the holes in the other two tabs to slot the grill lugs through, clamping it again.

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That sounds like a better idea oneohtwo re keeping a couple of tabs if you can drop the speaker in, i'll grab a pic of what I'm against on mine as well for you.


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This is what I have done for the driver's side in the end: I have enlarged the holes in the speaker tabs so the speaker grill tabs slot through them:

y4m5bQim21A8KF2yKJCSzcmsg-0rAbSJ5ThIImNc y4mns1nL02WC3wsRcNRSBZuPz2-vZm8ZbcU8ViXk

Second pic shows where they slot though. Had to trim off the ends of one as it doesn't quite align with the tab, but this allows the speaker to sit centrally in the hole. The 4th tab is left untouched as it is well away from anything. Then on the reverse of the speaker I sanded down the speaker tabs so that they were the same height as the spacers on the speaker grill. 

The speaker then drops into the hole and the cover slots in over it and secures it in place:


Not a great picture as it was dark by the time I was able to fit it as had spent all day decorating. Apparently house jobs are more important than Corrado jobs. News to me!

Haven't quite got it properly aligned here, but the tabs slotted into place fine and it all works. I'm sure audiophiles won't love it as the speaker isn't very isolated from the surround, but it sounds fine to my ears, and I think it's quite a neat solution. Just need to do the passenger side now.




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