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Fuel Pump Relay - Which one and where from?

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Hi All

I am after a new fuel pump relay for number 67 (857 951 253) and need some help (I have tried the search). Car is a 1.8 16v KR. Pics below of one I need.

It looks like I can use any of relay numbers 67, 80 or 167, is that correct?

Also where is the best place to get them? I cant find any OEMs ones are they NLA? Heritage and others have options and their plenty of used on ebay.



Any help or guidance would be great.





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I've not heard 80 as a replacement, but 167 superseded 67 so either are compatible. You can strip it down and clean it up. Usually just becomes a little sticky with carbon build up so a bit of break cleaner then lube with a very light coat of electrical grease may work. You should feel it energise if you stick your finger on the case whilst you turn the ignition on.

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They are just bog standard fuel pump relays - the VW part number might have changed at this stage, but they are used all over the place and any parts shop should have one. 167 or 67 should do the trick. You'll find the same relay in SEAT, Audi, VW and countless others.

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