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VW Corrado VR6 - '94

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My 1994 VR6 Corrado is for sale - I just don't get the chance to use it, and seems a shame for it just to be sitting there.

Mileage - 166,000

MOT until March 2023

Price - £7500
I bought this back in 2019 with a view to get it mechanically restored to a good point and use it at the weekends. The pandemic helped with this, as it gave me a lot more time to achieve the work i wanted to do. I'll list out the majority of parts I have replaced and things I have rectified first and then talk about the general condition of the car
Rear Chassis
Powder coated rear beam, new Rear beam bushes, new brake proportioning valve, new Brake backing plates (rear), replaced the (prone to seizing) rear calipers with new MK4 golf one, goodridge braided hoses and new copper lines where needed, stainless fuel tank hangers, new rear wheel bearings, new ABS Sensors and rings both sides
Unmarked cloth interior in VGC, Dave16v bracket for tunnel (they rattle - this one doesn't), new ignition switch, fuse box clips present (often missing), replaced the LCD screen on the speedo as the original had bled, replaced the binnacle lights with LEDs (in green and dimmable), all missing pieces of trim have been found and fitted, new heater matrix and tidied the wiring behind the dash, new door membrane passenger side, door handles are good and have repair latches fitted - all locks keyed correctly, diesel geek cabin shifter bushes fitted, retrimmed the sunroof panel. Recently fitted a new heate rmatrix and refoam the heater box. i also tidied all the cabling and removed the degraded foam loom wrap and replaced with TESA tape
2.9 VR6 on approx. 166,000, Oil service stamped in the service book every 10,000 miles - despite this, it was bad on the emissions on previous MOTs, so i did the following over 6-8 months
New sump gasket and bolts, new clutch and pressure plate, new clutch release bearing, new clutch fork and spring, new starter motor, new engine and gearbox mounts
front knock sensor replaced (as the sensor casing had cracked), new alternator, new AUX belt, new belt tensioner, new water pump, new AUX Water pump, new timing chains and guides with the MK4 golf solid upper tensioner pad , flywheel bolts replaced, cylinder head refurbished, skimmed and leak tested, new valve guides fitted, new stem seals, new Mahle piston rings
new big end bearings and conrod bolts, ultrasonically cleaned and inspected pistons, new head gasket, new spark plugs, new flywheel main oil seal, full Samco black silicon hose kit, Mk4 golf expansion tank, new VAG Crack pipe, new VAG thermostat housing, new oil filter, new oil cooler, new thermostat, all new coolant sensors, new brake master cylinder, Carbonio cold air induction pipe, Miltek sports cat, stainless 2 box exhaust - oval tip. Dual pole VDO oil pressure sender to run the Corrado specific VDO gauges. engine loom re-wrapped in TESA tape. Coil pack insulator fitted, Gruven parts metal fuel line holders, fuel lines replaced from tank lines to fuel rail, stainless bolt kit, new Ali radiator and dual electric fan setup (wired to original loom clip) New thermostat and low temp fan switch - on at 87deg and speed 2 at 92 deg
Bodywork And Exterior
Slam panel has been repainted, front cross member and radiator support panel refurbed and painted in hammerite black. new engine bushes fitted in support frame, new bonnet foam from Dreadnought customs. 16in Speedline wheels with Toyo Proxies 205/45 tyres (these were part of a recent group buy from Speedline and are in perfect as new condition) KW V1 coilovers, new front and rear suspension mounting bolts, re-rubbered rain gutter trims, VW Lup wiper arms and blades, recently polished headlight glass, OEM fog lights in good uncracked condition, all red rear lights, LED rear bulbs, new OEM front 3 bar grill, clear side repeaters.
The paintwork comes up very well and has been machined polished and ceramic coated (although could do with a refresh) There are the expected parking dents, dings and marks as per the age of the car, so I can't describe it as perfect - but it doesn't have any of the typical lacquer peel that you sometimes see on dark coloured VWs.
There are four areas of rust on the car that i can see - both front wings, and the rear of each cill. Please see the pictures. There are also a few (what i would describe as major) scratches. The front bumper has a mark low down, the rear bumper has a mark on the lower half, the sunroof panel has cuaght when returning and is marked and the cills have a number of marks on them. I would encourage viewing to assess the condition of the paint.
MOT is valid until March 2023
The sunroof does work - but the centre panel has been recovered and the thickness of the material is too thick to allow the panel to move backwards
The ABS light is a little strange - it works sometimes, and then sometimes doesn't. could be a sensor or ring issue.
Small patch of rust on the underside around one of the brake line mountings
The jacking points have been squashed slightly - but are still solid and have been coated in Waxoil to stop any corrosion creeping in.
I have lavished a lot of mechanical attention on the car since i have owned it, as can be seen from the above - but decided to leave the paintwork as is, so it could be a good usable example. For a VR6, this has had all the major work done - chains, head gasket, piston rings, big end bearings - so should be good for many miles.
These show the extent of the works completed on the car, and also some better images of the paint and general condition.
Please note, some images may show different wheels and a different steering wheel. The car is being sold with the standard Original Corrado steering wheel and the 16in Speedlines shown in the main photo. The BBS wheel has been removed, as I can't confirm if it is genuine or a repro.
Any questions, please ask








Side on 2.jpg

Side on.jpg



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Good luck with sale Ed, lots of the horrid jobs done and work gone in with quality parts. Those body scabs you mention are just bits around the edges. Hope a buyer comes forward in this tricky market.  

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