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Hello Corry lovers,

Got a bit of a tech question I need advice on...

My Corrado's wiring isn't what it used to be.

Seems previous owner took the wires to connect the red, black, blue and yellow with to install a radio with out. Took a look at all the wiring and I simply do not have them anymore :(

Can anyone give me an alternative way of connecting the power fiche from radio?

Don't need the speaker fiche, as speakers will be connected to Kicker amp, and those I have put in cars regularly, so that's all cool.


Only the power fich at back radio I can not connect the normal, usual way, due to missing wires in car dash...


Anyone, please?????

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The standard wires are described in this thread: Definitive Guide to Corrado Stereo Wiring. Mods pls sticky! - ICE 'n' Secure - The Corrado Forum (the-corrado.net) and on A2 Resource Radios (a2resource.com).

You can buy Radio connectors from eBay (for example https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363857704289) - if you want to build your own harness? As you know you only need a good earth, permanent fused 12v and switch 12v from the Ignition switch.

But it also depends on what is left of your wiring harness - there could be live wires in there if the harness has been cut off. Or (hopefully) the radio connectors are still in there somewhere?! I'm sure the radio wiring is part of the dash wiring harness. I doubt they would have unpicked all the radio wires nicely...

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It's unlikely that the wires will have been completely removed, so you will likely just need to locate them and then splice into them. What make of head unit do you want to connect? Some other brands need permanent and switched live reversed compared to the stock VW ones.  As above, you just need three wires to power it up. If all else fails you can take them from behind the fusebox, just make sure you have a fuse on.

Below are the pin-outs on a standard VW Gamma IV, and then the pdf is the wiring plan for the same radio and gives the wire colours.





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