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Part 2

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11th November 2015

Replaced all windscreen scuttle trim and blower box cover

Fitted passenger under dash shelf

Fitted drivers side under dash fuse box cover


15th November 2015

Fitted new injector seals

Sprayed radiator cover plate

Degreased the head while manifold was off

New inlet manifold gasket

Throttle body cleaned

Refurbished 50mm inlet manifold fitted


23rd November 2015

Changed front and rear shocks to Bilstein B4's

Changed front and rear springs eibach 30mm lowered

New Ashley 4 branch manifold - issues clearing steering rack...


25th November 2015

Tracking/Alignment done - both front wheels out due to previous track rod replacement


26th November 2015

New genuine Febi front engine mount

Stripped and painted fan housing

Fitted stainless VR6 exhaust backbox


2nd December 2015

New rear engine mount - genuine Febi part

To resolve 4branch hitting steering rack - 10mm spacer between rear mount and engine bracket.


15th December 2015

Fitted new powerflex exhaust hangers

Fitted VR6 3 Spoke steering wheel


28th December 2015

Replaced the rear parcel shelf with uncut one


21st January 2016

Replaced new Radiator

Replaced new steering pump

Replaced new alternator

Replaced new water pump

Replaced thermostat & flange

Fitted new coolant hoses and clips

New auxiliary belts

New coolant

New oil cooler

New oil filter

Changed oil (143,000)


23rd January 2016

Replaced both fog lamps and indicator lenses


27th January 2016

Stripped out dash to replace heater matrix - quality 'Valeo' replacement

Refurbished the heater box - all stripped and cleaned with all new seals

New foam on all vent flaps - old foam disintegrated!

New blower motor fitted


8th February 2016

Replaced bonnet earth strap

Replaced rocker cover earth strap

New scuttle blower guard seal

New windscreen outer seal

Replaced heater control panel


9th February 2016

Front dash "pioneer' speakers


15th February 2016

Fitted new rear drivers side brake calliper

Renewed both handbrake cables


17th February 2016

Replaced centre trim - handbrake trim, gearstick trim, rear trim

Fitted new braided rear brake hoses


19th February 2016

Bled brakes

New FEBI locking wheel nuts

Replaced instrument panel: reading 138,100 miles - old reading 143,000


20th February 2016

Resolved spoiler issue - now works!

Resolved MFA all working now :)


26th February 2016

Replaced vacuum lines with silicone hoses

New cylinder head coolant flange and seal


15th March 2016

Repaired the drivers bolster with new foam


17th March 2016

Upgraded front brakes to 280mm brembo discs and Lucas 54 callipers

Fitted green stuff front brake pads

Fitted new braided front brake hoses


21st March 2016

Fitted rear "Hella" smoked lights

Fitted hose clips to engine breather hoses

Refurbished the alloys "gloss black"

Fitted New seal for idle adjust screw

Sprayed rear Corrado badge gloss black


22nd March 2016

Fitted new Ignition Coil

Cleaned the electrical connectors

New alpine front door speakers


25th March 2016

Drained and replaced gearbox oil


14th April 2016

Fitted repair panel around fuel filler cap.

Offside front wing, door, pillars and quarter panel re spray.


16th April 2016

Fitted 50mm forint splitter/valance to stop clearance issues.


22nd April 2016

Stripped head lining and sunroof panel

Fitted new antenna seal and whip part.


26th April 2016

Replaced sunroof seal with genuine VW one

Cleaned headlining with enzyme odour eater

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