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Yandards' Blackberry VR6 - Making my garden shed look good

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Right, not really got the hang of that there blog thingy so I will do normal updates in here and also then blog the post with update - I think that's the way this is supposed to work anyway :)


Ok, so today was the first day I attacked the car properly, decided as the weather was ok (ie not raining) that I would have a go at the poor paint to see how much work I had gotten myself into.




After 5 passes with the rotary with my strongest polish and cutting pad I was getting no where fast.




So I decided to try a spot of wet sanding. I soon ended up finding the original blackberry underneath the respray so carried on sanding so I could get an idea of how it was coming along. The plan was to only wet sand the top edge of the wing up to the 1st panel line, from there down the respray is not too bad. I needed to cut back to where the wing meets the door and A pillar so I could get an idea of what it was going to be like.




Suffice to say the original paint is in good condition underneath the poorly colour matched top coat and a single go with the rotary polisher brings it up a treat! I think I will be able to get away with only sanding the top of the wing for now but the door and rear quarter may need more work.




Satisfied that the paint was recoverable and how best to go about that I set to work on the interior, 1st thing to do was to get the passenger seat out, which revealed this:




Not too bad but definitely in need of some serious hoovering, so I cracked on with that and got the passenger side ready for cleaning. It was time for some lunch by then so I went in for a bit, just as I was heading back out the Parcelforce bloke delivered a set of original rear light fittings. As I am easily distracted I ignored the previous job and set about getting the mIngPros off the car.


As I was stripped the rear lights off the boot I spotted some corrosion (or rust if you like) on the inside of the boot, so off came the number plate plinth to reveal this.




Complete with one that had gone all the way through!




It looks like the welding guy at Karmann was having a bad day as both of these points are the strengthing bracket that supports the spoiler mech. So it was out with the dremmel to grind all that corrosion out which left me with this.




Finally all the bare metal was treated with Jenolite Jelly, a corrosion neutraliser, before being painted with Zinga, spray coating that gives a performance equivalent to hot galvanic dipping, prior to filling the bit that had gone through.




Luckily as it all lives behind the number plate plinth I don't have to worry too much about the final finish, which is handy as I don't have any blackberry paint!!

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