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Yandards' Blackberry VR6 - North African Dictator Stops Play

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Cracked on well during the last two days, got the drivers door handle lock re-tumbled so I am back down to a single key, rear boot repair filler has been flattened back to look a little better and re-coated with another layer on Zinga.


Got the drivers seat out and had a good hoover of the footwell area, started cleaning the drivers side carpet and the headlining - both of which are coming up ok. So all in all some good overall progress but not a lot to show for it right now.


I also re-electroplated some of bolts that hold the door gubbins in place, both the large screws that hold the inner handle on and the ones that hold the outer handle in place. Door handles have not been refitted to the car and the addition of some lubrication on the striker mechanism now means they both operate nicely -the drivers one was terrible beforehand.


The plan next week as I was on late shift was to crack into the various mechanical jobs I needed to do, both solid front to rear lines need replacing as does the one that goes accross the rear beam. I also wanted to swap all the suspension bits over for the new parts, refit a factory airbox, drop the oil and coolant, replace all the brake line flexis, replace the brake fluid, tidy up the wiring on the MAF and fit the replacement radiator.


However, thanks a unnamed North African dictator I now have to go into work tonight and am on 12 hour shifts for a while - not bothered about the extra work it's just the timing is lousy :)


Anyway here are some pictures of what I have managed to get done:



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Great blog Yandards, cant remember when i had a filthy VR6 in front of me (and dont get me wrong, i would rather have Catherine Zeta Jones in front of me......) but i would be rubbing my hangs if i were you. 1k for that? Bargainsville. One quick question.....what is that peeling on the wing mirror, i have the same problem, it looks like lacquer, can anything be done with it? Best of luck with the clean up, keep us informed!

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