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Alex's G60 Mistress - New things and sexy ladies...

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Hello all!


Been quite productive the last few days :smug:


First off I made a sandwich


Chicken, cirozo, peperoni, hummus, cheddar cheese, lettice and peri peri sauce... FOR THE WIN! :thumbleft:


Then I went about fixing my door card.

With a little fiberglass I just applied it to the card backing and built up the layers a few at a time. from this:



Doesn't look pretty but it is ALLOT stronger and will stop the card from getting any worse. It will also help i hope with my loose fitting door handle.


Next here is an image of the sun i took on my iphone...

[ATTACH=CONFIG]45977[/ATTACH] pretty isn't it. :o


Next job was to get the bumper cleaned up. I took it over to my mates garage and got the bumper iron off the plastic but it still needs a VERY good clean, re-weld and then sand blasting. Don't have any pictures of that so here is a picture of some ladies with loose morals...



Another you say??? oh go on then...






Finally, for those who have been reading the thread form earlier in the year you may remember that I got a very cheep sun roof from a chap in Aberdeen but he didn't know if it works or not.


Well, the proof is in the pudding! Got a battery and some wire and tested her last night.

closed [ATTACH=CONFIG]45979[/ATTACH]




Not bad for less than £10!!! :dance:

And wait!!! One last thing, for those who care I got some custom centre caps made up for my wheels!!!




gel overlays used on modern car badges (like Ford bonnet badges). Look the buisness and totally unique!


Ciao for now!


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