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31st October 2010, The "What you bought for your corrado today" thread...

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Well, it really has been a busy few weeks.


An exhaust manifold to turbo stud snapped due to a worn out rear engine mount which meant that the cylinder head had to come off (again!) to get access to it.

While i was at it i stripped the engine bay loom out and removed all of the loom tape, cleaned every single wire, replaced many of the amp plugs, repaired many worn out old cables, integrated an uprated headlight loom into the cars original loom, rewired the injector loom with all new plugs and wires and removed the old headlight loom and o2 sensor loom. I diverted the old o2 sensor cables to run my wideband. fitted the complete loom into black split ducting.


While it was off the road i decided to spend a bit of cash on her. work done so far:


AP Racing CP5200 4 pot calipers.

AP Racing brackets for Corrado 4 stud.

AP Racing bells.

AP Racing discs, 294mm x 28mm, 4 groove, 48 angled vanes.

Goodridge braided AP to Corrado front brake hoses.

EBC red stuff front pads for AP CP5200.

4 x 17" 4 stud bbs rc's.

Aquamist 1s water/metth Injection kit.

Mocal alloy catch tank.

New vibra-technics front engine mount. (mk2 golf vr6 conversion type)

New vibra-technics rear engine mount. (fast road)

KW rear anti roll bar.

Powder coated and powerflexed front wishbones.

Greddy turbo timer.

New reiger front grille with eyebrow.

2 New heated washer jets, genuine vw.

New reverse light switch, genuine vw.

£150 of mikalor stainless steel hose clamps.

New cv boots, genuine vw.

New steering rack boots, genuine vw.

G12++ coolant.

New oil filter, genuine vw.

New oil.

New oil filter housing, genuine vw.

New knock sensor.

Elring G60 head gasket set and Elring head bolts.

New exhaust manifold studs and nuts.

New turbo to manifold studs and nuts.

New battery.

Aluminum backed fiberglass heat shielding for harness and firewall.

Lots of harnessflex engine loom split duct with y,t and amp plug end fittings.

Lots of thin wall cable, various sizes and colors.

Lots of spade type crimps.

Lots of solder and heat shrink.

2 x 70A relays and 70A fuses and holders for headlights.

New AMP fuel injector plugs and wireing (wired ready for future possible sequential injection)

Waterproof enclosure for relays.

Osram night breaker bulbs.

BG44K Pro Grade Fuel Injector & Fuel System Cleaner.

Cleaned and painted the engine block.

Stripped, cleaned and rebuilt the rear calipers, now they work as they should.

Adjusted the handbrake.

Adjusted the bias valve.

Fitted a new kenwood kiv-700 media headunit and a 160 gig black ipod classic.




Probably a few other things i missed lol. My back aches but my "to do" list is slowly getting smaller! :clap:


And next week im going to strip down the steering rack (oh joy of joys) Ive ordered a new full trw rack seal kit from vw but it is stuck in France at the moment due to the recent strikes :(



Next... :salute:

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Sounds like a great job you're doing! One question - when you rewired the loom, did you use new terminals for the ends of the wire inside the plugs, or did you re-use old ones? If you used new ones, where did you get them from, and do you have any part numbers for them?

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I used the old terminal ends.


What i did was get the terminal out of its plastic housing and cut the old wire off tight to the point its crimped into the terminal using a sharp blade. I then roughed up the point on the metal where the wire is crimped and melted solder onto it. On the new wire i then put on the rubber grommet, stripped then end if the wire, twisted the copper cores melted solder onto the bare wirest and soldered it carefully onto the crimp.

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