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And then there were two...

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Thanks for all the interest. Seems like the body kit is a bit of a marmite item. The plan is to keep the car it as it is a bit different and does seem to suit the car. I have also managed to locate another complete red body kit which, if suitable, can go into the 'spares' bin.


Bit of an update.


Have started work on the car in preparation for the Elsecar meet - pictures to follow. Have done a provisional check of obvious parts needed; not too many. The bad news is that the local dealership is now only offering 5% discount on retail prices. The good news is that the local TPS (Chesterfield) was very happy to give trade prices on cash sales. Hurrah!


Fitted four new 205/50 R15 tyres (Continental Premium Contact 2's) which are a huge improvement over the ageing P7000's it was wearing. Fixed a minuscule fuel weep last week, due to a badly fitting 'Clic' hose clip where the engine fuel pipes join the body fuel lies (in the little heat reflecting bag). The fuel dripped down the fuel lines and gathering in O/S floorpan tunnel. Over a pit, it gave me a chance to have a really good rummage underneath. Dirt aside, little evidence of any damage and rust. Minute leak on the sump, possible weep on the power steering pump. Original exhaust still going strong. Needs a full suspension update and refurb, as expected.


Have had the wheels off for a clean, though they will need a professional refurb job in time. Cleaned all the arches out and around the fuel filler locking cap. No rust anywhere. All now waxed up around the locking lever and fuel filler neck, with Dinitrol 4941 inside the arch lips and known corrosion prone areas (one of the benefits of stripping down the Silver VR6!) and Dinitrol 3125 cavity wax inside the sills/rear arches. The front mud flaps have completely protected the front end of the sills which still look factory fresh. Suspension is in good condition with the VW labels still on the front shocks.


Had the Recaro seats out and cleaned and fed the leather. One of the seat switches (driver's height) had just stopped working. It needed stripping down and the contacts cleaning. The driver's side outer bolster will need replacing eventually, especially with my big frame (6' 2" and 18+ stone), but the leather is in good shape.


The body shop where the Silver VR is being fettled have booked the car in to sort out the top edge of the body kit. The sealant has dried and cracked in places and needs replacing and tidying up. There is a supermarket ding in the driver's door to knock out and a few minor stone chips here and there which Chipex will sort out for now.


The mechanic I use is booked to replace the rear beam, bushes, bearings and refurbed brakes. The car needs a rear o/s bearing and bush and as I had a spare beam it seems sensible to change over the axle at the same time. Still debating whether to powdercoat the beam, or to use something like Zinga and sprayed with an Epoxy Mastic 121 paint. Hmmn!


Engine bay clean today. Along with replacing the roof aerial gasket. Shouldn't take long. Hopefully.

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