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Fixed and then...

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Original post was here: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?56479-Rant-thread&p=729617&viewfull=1#post729617


Managed to get the door sorted. For those in the South/West Yorks and North Derbyshire area I can recommend Melvin from Direct Dents (mob: 0797 0029207). As you can see from the picture below, he is a mature guy with a lot of experience. Melvin was put onto me by the bodyshop I am using. He mainly does trade and main dealer work.


Having dealt with main dent in the door, he also pointed out a further two which were only visible when looking at the reflection created by his fancy door jig. Cost was £40 in total. He would have dealt with a further two almost impossible-to-see dents in the rear passenger quarter had I had the time. I'll pop the rear 'door' card off and he will do that when I call him. All-in-all, excellent service and quality of work :cheers:. And then... :onfire:.


Night before last, the car alarm went off at 2am. I had left the Corrado out on the street as the garage was full of freshly powder-coated bits for the following day's activity of replacing the rear axle and front sub-assembly. Heard a commotion with a couple of young idiots running off down the cul-de-sac I live in. Went outside to have a look and it turned out their idea of fun had been to run up the bonnets and roofs of various cars in the street. Our family bus (a Volvo) was in a real state.


Looking at the Corrado, I could see 3 footprints on the bonnet, one on the windscreen, and another couple on the roof, all up the passenger side of the vehicle. Having seen the state of the Volvo, I was expecting some real damage. However, by a stroke of luck, apart from scratched paintwork (which should polish out) no damage was caused - which was a great result in the circumstances.

Why do people do this sort of thing? These two fools damaged 6 cars in total :bad-words:. So, lots more work for Melvin.




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