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  1. Welsh g60

    g60 back box

    fitted it today, well pleased :D :D :D
  2. Welsh g60

    g60 back box

    What does the system sound like? I've been told it's subtle
  3. Welsh g60

    g60 back box

    have just been quoted £300 for a full miltek system (from downpipe back) any1 know if I can get it cheaper?
  4. Welsh g60

    g60 back box

    The baffles have gone in my back box, got a range of prices between £95 and £160 for a new one! Can anyone recomend an alternative back box as I'd rather go sainless than spend that on a standard one, but I would like to have pretty much the same tailpipe as the standard one. Any suggestions?
  5. I've been browsing German eBay and have seen a fair few Eaton superchargers for sale with claims that they'll fit the G60. Whats the deal? Do they fit and if so how do they compare to the g-ladder as they are a fair bit cheaper.
  6. My thinking exactly, did you see the corrado warning triangles and firstaid kits - fools :lol:
  7. thanks Henny, I'll go and see what I can get for it.
  8. I'm about to put an ignition switch off my '91 g6o on eBay and was wondering if any1 can tell me what other VW's it will fit. ta Chris
  9. Any1 know where you can buy diecast corrado models? See a few on eBay every so often but cant find where to buy them (if they still make them). ta Chris
  10. Dont know my key number and I've only got 1 key, can I get the ignition setup and a key from VAG and get locks to match the new ignition key at a later date (when cashflow allows) and is that still going to be under £50? tried pulling key out 2mm, made no difference :(
  11. It has compleatley split in half and the MOT is due. I've got a new boot but not the time or inclination to fit it, I just want to know how much labour charges should be.
  12. Can any1 tell me how much I should expect to pay to have a cv boot fitted by a garage, I havnt got a clue and dont want to get ripped off
  13. I thought my ignition switch had gone, but having removed it I found it works fine so it must be the barrel (can turn ignition on but cant quite get position 2). My question is do I need to get one specific to my key or is it not that bit that I need and how much is this going to cost me?
  14. Thanks all, found the details and the car is now home. Terrifyingly easy to do isn't it, I think I'm going to go and invest in a good alarm.
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