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  1. Hi guys unfortunatly lost my only key to the corrado have managed to get in with the aid of 2 cable ties but I now need to replace locks and ignition barrel so if anyone has these for a good price I would be grateful. Thanks phill
  2. I'm only after the rears anyway mate dunno if that makes posting any essier
  3. In be interested in both front seat covers and the upper and lower seat bolsters from drivers side if possible. Let me know a price and if that's ok cheers phill
  4. I'll take the speakers please mate on me payment details cheers
  5. Hi guys had the corrado in garage for a while now alternator has not been charging battery.ive managed to source a replacement new one very cheap but it's not an exact replacement to the old one.engine is a 1.8t so not generic corrado stuff anyway. Question is the original had pins B+ L and DFM and this new one has B+ D+ and W. have done some research and found a bit of info im under the impression that L and D+ are te same and obviously both b+ are same so I was going to connect the DFM terminal to W.would anybody be able to confirm this is correct before I wire it up tomorrow an risk blowing the lot.thanks in advance phill
  6. Just had a quote from greham Sykes an I'm astounded!excellent service lady on end of phone (Tina) knew what she was talking about an a quote with all mods declared an points etc 267 third party for the year with 5000 miles.couldnt be happier give them a call
  7. phill

    20vt bits

    Hello mate still not recieved the intake pipe as yet did you post out last Wednesday?appreciate a response thanks phill
  8. Is it making any noise when ur turn the ignition to start it.could be solanoid on starter motor might be worth checking wires not faulty to that or could be stuck!
  9. Lol nothing wrong with the rado seats just rado second hand leathers in black are like the proverbial rocking horse sh.. And tombestones ten a penny.lol!just weighing up the options guys wanting some nice looking leathers for her. A wanted post may be up when the banker permits lol. Cheers guys
  10. As per title with a little modding will they work?any info appreciated done a little searching not much info anyone with first hand experience. Cheers phill
  11. phill

    Zender alloys

    Where abouts are u pal in notts myself can I come take a look
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