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  1. What are the best options to remedy my flappy baggy saggy headcloth? Reline with something fancy? Have it flocked? Or a nip & tuck for the original fabric? Thoughts welcome
  2. Will.I.Dub

    Vento Cups

    Cash waiting for a straight set
  3. Why is a Storm so special? Cos mine is one and yours isn't!!!!
  4. Replaced the drivers side window regulator and cavity waxed inside the door. Left a few grams of knuckle skin in there too
  5. Guessing but it sounds like a short somewhere? Have you tested the circuits with a multimeter?
  6. Crazy to think but now for 20+ years I've had one kind or another in my possession. Saying that they haven't always been in drive-able condition but I'm now coming up on 6 years of daily Corrado use, like some kind of second Corrado coming
  7. It'll have to be a VWM VSR, not a shrick and yes, I am well aware of the fact that these things are a bit tricky to come by
  8. Surely one of you has one lying around taking up space? If so I'd be willing to take it off your hands...
  9. Seasons greetings, got to wash the VR today, hope you're all getting some Corrado action over the festive season
  10. Newton Commercial do an underlay set, dynamat could be fitted prior to it. As for washing I'd use a wet vac
  11. Ha ha! Never use the radio, car sounds too good. Thanks for the link, will investigate...
  12. Switched on my drivers heated seat this evening, drove over a bump and the relay behind the p/s quarter now sounds like an angry wasp. Any explanations?
  13. Two switches arrived safe and sound, quality is perfect and price is spot on, thanks Matt
  14. I use one of these when the car is parked up: http://www.moisture-absorbers.unibond.co.uk/en/products/devices/aero-360-moisture-absorber-econnect.html
  15. Very jealous! ACF50 is a good option to protect from oxidisation
  16. I bought a spurious (Topran) crack pipe from a reseller which may have been one of the above mentioned and the fit at both ends was poor, poor enough that it had to be stripped again after pressurizing, twice, and needed dirko to make it watertight. I was not happy. I would go genuine or alloy
  17. Generally I would expect both sides to deteriorate at roughly the same rate, if one side is shot it's likely the other is too
  18. Worth checking there isn't a rust/pad mark on the disc from when the car was unused, this has happened to me before and the symptoms were as you describe.
  19. Will.I.Dub

    Front Hub carriers

    MK3 Gti or VR should be the same
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