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  1. Would you consider £500 for the cylinder head?.

  2. I'd take this mate if the sale falls through.Im local too!.
  3. can you let me have your address details and am I ok to pick them up around 10am this Saturday?.

  4. yes mate no probs

  5. I'll take these please ,i can pick them up over the weekend if that's ok?.

  6. Drakelln

    BBS 228 et35 17"

    Long shot but I'm after just one bbs rx 228 as mine has buckled beyond repair.thanks.
  7. Can I have a drivers door rod to pin and one of the White plastic clips too please.
  8. Thanks, I need the metal rod for the drivers door and the White plastic clip for the passenger's(don't know if it's a universal fit?)..fingers crossed.
  9. Cheers, I was hoping someone might just have these in a rad they were breaking.i never get the time to go to the dealers..we're doing 12's at the mo.
  10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]81235[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]81236[/ATTACH]Hi all I'm after the metal connecting rods that go to the door pins and also the White plastic clip that fastens around the door handle aperture .
  11. Hi,Ive just done a vr6 conversion on a 2.016v And have a weird problem.Could any electrical guru out there have a guess as to why with the ignition on, my fuel pump primes as normal for a short burst but then if the indicators,lights or fan are turned on the fuel pump then primes again for another short burst?.The car starts and drives fine otherwise . Any help would be very much apreciated.
  12. Drakelln

    Vr6 top rad hose

    Thanks well spotted I've pm'd him.
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