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  1. Hi fellow corrado peeps, Im looking for new conrod bolts for my bottom end rebuild 077105425b. Tried VW who want £225 plus vat for them! Hell fire there some expensive bolts. Any suggestions where I could purchase oem or uprated ones if cheaper? Thanks
  2. Nuttyp26

    Body panels

    Hi guys, Finally getting round to having the rado resprayed after 7 years of saying it needed doing. My sprayer has asked about source a new bonnet and drivers wing if possible. I did mention they are rarer than unicorn poo. But if anyone has some lying around please send me a PM. Vr6 panels required. Thanks
  3. Long shot but is your leather interior for sale?





  4. Sounds good to me, give me a pm with what you want for it and I'll PayPal it across. Thanks
  5. I'm looking for a boot popper spring thing don't suppose anybody has one knocking about they want to sell? Thanks
  6. Hi Have you still got some euro spec ones left? Thanks
  7. Hi, I’m looking for an un broken rear number plate plastic surround. Anybody got one lying around. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have 3 ATS type 10s for my corrado VR6, one was damaged beyond repair! I know these are like hens teeth but I'm looking for just one alloy? They have been on the car since back in the day. Any ideas or help grateful. Martyn
  9. Original boot poppers are now discontinued as of 2012 according to my local VW
  10. Hi, I'll have one of these please, could u Pm payment details and stuff. Cheers
  11. Nuttyp26

    Aux water pump

    Looking for a VR6 aux water pump Thanks
  12. Hi tom, That sounds spot on, just give me a PM with some photos and how much you would be looking @ price wise. Where are u based as collection would b easier and save some postage quids. Cheers Marty
  13. This will prob be a long shot I know, but I'm looking for a standard VAG VR6 exhaust complete system too. I'm trying to keep the car standard and didn't want to go do the SS route.
  14. Unplugged hall sender, nothing happened so assumed it is knacked. Have fitted a new one, tht I'll unplug the maf see if that sorted it. Car still dies. Any more ideas chaps, MOT time soon need to get those emissions down.
  15. I have searched all over the Internet to try and find an answer to my problem, so please don't berate me as its a dreaded idle running issue. Here are my symptoms and what I think, I'm just after some advice before a start sporadically changing hard to find expensive parts. 1. Runs very rich, struggles to pass on idle emissions for Mot. New lambada. 2. Unplug maf car instantly stalls, suggests to me maf ok. 3. Unplug TPS, car hunts wildly so seems to me that this is ok. Next step was ISV, which I have recently cleaned out. Also cleaned throttle body and checked all vac lines. 4. Unplug ISV car idle sits @ 1100 rpm but stable so this suggests to me that it is also working. 5. Changed all temp senders for genuine parts so Ecu maps for cold start are working, she sits at a steady 90-100 on a run and all fans work. I'm now stumped as to what is causing the issue, any ideas or things I've missed or I might be completely wrong. Just wanna get her running right. Thanks
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