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  1. Hi I,ve had this car for a while now with the long term intention of a complete restore but my circumstances have changed now, I was driving it before I took the back axle off which has be restored. I have done alot of other work such as new timing chain and tensioners. The body is sound apart from a small repair needed on the nearside rear sill where it joins the wheel arch. It is not driveable at the moment as I need to replace the rear axle and much of the interior. It has 95000 on the engine. It has a beige interior. it would suit someone with time to finish the project. I have a replacement bumper which needs respraying and I have rebuild the front fogs with new glass. If you need anymore information give me a shout. Cheers Lee. I am based in Crawley near Gatwick. I will add some pictures when I get a chance.
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