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  1. I would love the alpha gt seats in it but ive gone for rx8 for cost more than anything
  2. Not sure. I am a complete newbie at this. It will be the first work I have ever carried out on a car. I will be sure to let you know how it goes
  3. I will certainly get them posted when I have fitted them
  4. Just bought my first corrado on sunday a g60 but today a bloke has offered me a mint vr6 which I have bought. I dont need two cars and so I want to post the g60 for sale but there is no option anywhere for me to do it. Any help would be much appreciated as I would like the car to go to an enthusiast. It's a cracking car with a mint engine and gearbox
  5. Cheers bud. Cant go wrong, found both back and front seats on ebay in leather for £80.....Bonus
  6. I have just bought a corrado g60 and the interior is very tatty. My friend who is a big VW fan said he heard that people have put the rx8 interior in their corrado. Has anyone heard of or done this? If so your advise would be much appreciated
  7. Sound my number is 07914 766387 pal. Is it in good condition? I can send you it via paypal if you like, cheers, james
  8. Not sure which other models I can get one of these from. If anyone knows it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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