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  1. No idea who did the work. Hasn't been fitted or run since it was skimmed and had new valve fitted (had a receipt for valve/skim work but may have inadvertently passed it onto new purchaser of my corrado) KR cams gone so only have 9a if required. I bought it to fit but never got round to it. Regards, Stuart
  2. Hi there, I have one if you haven't sorted it as yet
  3. The door cards have speaker grills on them and would probably take an offer.
  4. Located in Bingley West Yorkshire. The head is from a KR but will fit a 9a which is what I bought it for (lured in by the head work) but never fitted it. The only cams (if needed) are from a 9a. Open to offers
  5. Come on guys, make me offers on what's left as I can't be arsed eBaying it all, plus Ebay just took £81 in selling fees (bloody thieves)
  6. I've absolutely no idea what postage would be, plus they're off a right hand drive Corrado so may not suit - I dunno what side you drive or if fogs have handed beams or not.
  7. I figured it must given he said he'd done 60mph
  8. Could be a failed control unit (I have 2 spares for sale), maybe the micro switches in the mechanism or possible an issue with the clocks as mine turned out to be (hence the spare units).
  9. Corrado spotting on Google Maps. Image from 2008 in Thames (OX9). [ATTACH=CONFIG]88961[/ATTACH]
  10. Presumable the ends would be similar but length may differ. Might be worth trying to see if the golf uses the same part numbers as the corrado.
  11. Agreed. I fancied putting a set on my old valver but never got round to it before I sold her.
  12. Upgrade time http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HEL-PERFORMANCE-Braided-Fuel-Injector-Lines-Stainless-For-VW-GOLF-MK2-16V-K-JET-/231011394661?var=530172038012&hash=item35c95a2465:m:mb6rPcqod2Nk5tyE7gpGCXA
  13. Would do. You might as well have the lines too for spares. PM me. Shame you don't need a flowed head as that's taking most my room up, lol.
  14. Used redex a few times but can't say if it did owt
  15. Absolutely no idea. They came off a running car but can't give any more info than that.
  16. Got a set of injectors and lines in my sale post. Make me an offer if interested.
  17. I have a 16v head that'll fit the block......do it, G60 16v
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