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  1. I can’t seem to send you back a pm. I’ll try again tomorrow if it doesn’t work I’ll use messenger. You are on Corrado gb Facebook aren’t you?
  2. Don't know if anyone has had terra clean and what sort of results on their cars but this is similar stuff. You know how you get an improvement with a service new leads plugs etc.. This is SO much more of an improvement 197000 miles is running better than it has in the 12 years I've had it.
  3. Its some carbon cleaning process. I've added fresh Fuchs 10 / 50 and yeah for sure its a lot quieter smoother and more responsive. Look up edt engine clean
  4. I managed to fit a two course buffet and stuff to serve it for 40 people,
  5. I am astonished how much better my vr is running. £100 + oil and filter
  6. Hi Chris,

    The tensioner should be there mate, i'll check Tomorrow morning and get you photos of both bits.


  7. Thanks for looking Chris. Andy pm'd
  8. Hi

    [email protected] regarding the oil pump. Also have you a aux belt tensioner?

    Thanks Chris

  9. I'm sure I read a thread suggesting you could use a smart car tyre of a suitable size. Also then wasn't limited to 50mph
  10. Hi Need a vr oil pump please. Regards Chris
  11. It was the oil pump swapped over for another and noise has gone.
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