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  1. Hi, I almost feel like a bit of a vulture for asking but if you're going to do an auto to manual conversion, I don't suppose you fancy selling your gear selector trim? Message me back with a price if you do.



  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]80294[/ATTACH] I think I'd have gone for a black roof though :)
  3. A little bit of magic and a lot of luck? :D Seriously, I shall watch this, I've learnt a lot tinkering with my car so far, I wish I had trained as a mechanic now! I enjoy tinkering :) Dawn
  4. Poor thing's been lowered and ragged I think. It needs to last me 6 weeks. Although I'm hoping my C will be back before then!
  5. Wish my girl was on the road then I'd come. I'm hoping to have her back in the new year. She's having an auto-manual conversion so in the mean time I'm practising my manual box usage (which was a little lax) on a MK3 GTI and she ain't pretty enough to bring to a Corrado meet :D
  6. Me too. It's not a colour I'd choose for myself but I think a Corrado looks good in any colour. Personally, if I was going fluorescent, it would be turquoise with orange calipers :D
  7. I've been frequenting ebay and noticed this too. I love the uk barn finds facebook page though, I just like looking at retro cars. I was kind of hoping for an absolute dog of a VR6 for £500, I need it running for 6 weeks max while my rado has an auto-manual conversion then I was going to keep it as a donor. Seems all the Corrados on ebay right now (within reasonable distance) are all good cars :( (As a Corrado enthusiast, that's a strange thing to type) I think chickens have to live in it ;-)
  8. Thanks guys, having shed a few tears I got in touch with my brother. As I had planned a manual conversion at some point he has already been saving the parts ready so he's offered to take her on. I think the initial thoughts of selling were a bit rash, if I sold and bought another I'd no doubt have a bucket load of ther problems so I may as well stick with what I have and do the conversion, just earlier than planned. Robrado, I'd love to keep her OEM but I will be honest the gearbox is ****, I'd love a manual :) Hasan, I am going to see if I can get to the mech asap and have a go in her myself, and I'll see if perhaps there is some hope remaining. I wad so convinced the oil change would work. The oil in it was awful, I just wish I had it done sooner, rather than sitting on it knowing I should make it a priority. Pictures of oil attached. It sounds like 1st is the real problem, after that it does go but the poor car is dying under the pressure exerted trying to get into gear. [ATTACH=CONFIG]80192[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]80193[/ATTACH]
  9. unless of course there is another issue that could have caused her not to get into gear? here are the error codes she threw before the reset. I don't know what to do... *grasping at straws* [ATTACH=CONFIG]80188[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]80189[/ATTACH]
  10. Hi All, this morning when I took the Rado to the garage for an ATF change, in the hope out would solve all the random gear changing and slipping; the car would barely move. I had to rev the hell out of it to get into gear. Finally made it to the garage, they changed the oil and filter (which was likely original) but it's still not working. they performed a system reset but the result is that she will not get into 1st gear. A manual conversion was on the cards all along, I just hadn't planning on one so soon, she's only done just under 80K. Right now, my options are get her converted. I don't know anyone local who can do this and what I can expect to pay for the privilage? I guess I will have to start making some calls. My brother could do it but I'll have to be patient as he takes his time, but I know he'd do a good job and source a good replacement. Oh and he's a three hour drive away. OR I could sell her as she is and put the money towards what I'd have spent on repair and buy another. Wonder what my chances are of getting low milage. Does the milage really matter? Her body work is excellent too, no rust, the most minor of blemishes. I guess I'd like to know what other people would do in this situation. The garage aren't gearbox specialists BUT to be honest I'd rather not sink any money into repairing an auto box.
  11. well... the gearbox is shagged so none of this matters. Thanks for all the time taken to help me though. Time to make another post for advice on a whole other matter now then :( gutted...
  12. I don't think it hits the contact plate, I think it stops 1.5mm above it because the Dashpot is fully compressed I will check it in the morning though, perhaps when it springs back there is some more movement there. Should the rest position mean there is a gap between the two plates? So te throttle is slightly open? I'll clean the butterfly in the morning too :-) Thanks for your help (again)
  13. No as far as I know, I had considered replacing the few under the bonnet, just because they look a bit ropey, the two uncovered 7.5amp ones at the back of the engine bay look terrible. Not sure what they are for though. The coolant fan ones look okay, but they are covered.
  14. I'll check tomorrow, I left the bonnet up to remind me to check the oil anyway. It never ceases to amaze me how many things can cause one problem on a Corrado :afro:
  15. DPS

    Mk2 golf

    My mother has a K-reg Mk2 Rivage cabby with just 80k miles rotting away under her car port. She just wants someone to love it so I have agreed to trailer it the three hour drive to my house early next year when the weather warms back up and take it off her hands. I think Mk2's are may favourite, though I think with a Corrado to contend with I think I'm mad, but I can keep it in my garage and take my time on it. Good luck with your hunt :)
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