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  1. Plastic covers are easy to remove, just pull it, when installing back, align the air valve to position the slot on the cover. use "tire black" a liquid gel for tires, available on auto supply shops. it will keep your tire shiny and new looking.. or wipe the sidewall with used oil, same effect..but wash it first with detergent soap and water.
  2. I really like this stuff, its cheap and easy to use. I use it a lot much simpler than treating and cleaning separate. I find it even outlasts some just treatment products.
  3. Thalove

    Car Wax?

    I prefer to use the liquid Turtle Wax, the paste tends to pick up any particulate matter still left on the surface of your car which gets deposited on the surface of the paste in the can, every time you dip your applicator in the can. Next time you take wax out of the can, you are picking up the impurities and re-depositing it back onto your paint, which will scratch it. By using only the liquid product, you get clean wax every time. I have an old car that looks better than it deserves.
  4. Has anyone tried the Autovisuals paint pen? I have a places where it needs to be re touched and would like to DIY instead of taking it to a professional shop.
  5. Miele vacuums are the best on the market I have one for years and still working very well.
  6. sounds like the water pump to me, it is on the passenger side of the block, when the crack pipe leaks it is usually the elbow that comes off for the oil cooler which is more in the middle of car and infront of the motor, and the oil cooler is righ under it. So if it is leaking more towards the passenger side, i would say water pump, center crack pipe or oil cooler and driver side would be the thermostat housing. The water pump is by far the easiest to change too
  7. IIRC when I did my timing chains I noticed that the flywheel only goes on one way b/c there is one bolt that is slightly offset from the others' distance from the center. At TDC that bolt was at the very top. If you want to check your timing do this; Put it at TDC (which is the notches on the crank line up and the notches in the ends of the cams lined up) then turn the crank two full revolutions and line up TDC. If the notches in the cams line up again, then your timing is correct. However, you shouldn't eyeball the notches b/c they are slightly offset from the center of the cam so one cam could be upside down (not timed correctly) and it would appear to be correct. Just use a 1/8" piece of aluminum and it should set on the valve cover flange as well as in the cam grooves.
  8. I found a couple replacement switches on Ebay in India. Does anyone have any experience buying from India on Ebay?
  9. installed 900lb springs ... man i love my car even more now. i think i got up on 2 wheels coming home!! i'm not sure my suspension even moves its that stiff (i'm exaggerating i'm sure it moves..but man is it fun) 500lb and 340lb springs in the garage for now.
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    Hi guys just registered, so came by to say hi:cheers:
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