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  1. Are these still available?
  2. I have a full set of genuine Borbet A wheels Two 7.5" wide and two 9" wide Come complete with bolts and spigot rings Good condition overall, some kerbing and the lips could do with a repolish. One rim has a small flat spot on the edge but the wheel appears to balance up fine Centres painted in dark Burgandy pearl. All 4 tyres have plenty of tread. One centre cap missing. Located in south East Kent, please pm for pictures as I have them on my phone. £350 and can post at cost Simon 07958542736
  3. I have a set of 4 Borbet A in 9x16" size. Would anyone be interested in a deal with a pair of 9" wide ones for a pair of 7.5" ones?
  4. This is a full Jabbasport G60 IHI turbo conversion. Included is; IHI VF22 turbo with oil and water lines Jabbasport exhaust manifold Jabbasport Downpipe Modified sump with oil return Red top injectors G60 ECU live mapped at Jabbasport This made a conservative 197bhp at 1 bar, but can make more power depending on engine health/spec......mine was quite a tired engine so wasn't pushed. This has come off my running car to have a larger turbo and forged engine put in. I have plenty of photos if anyone would like them. Feel free to ask questions. I am based in South East Kent and would prefer collection but could probably courier. 07958542736 if you want to text instead of pm on here. Thanks
  5. I'm in Kent, so miles from you. Could you post it? Thanks
  6. I have a set of fully refurbished Sebrings complete with all 4 centre caps. These were stripped and then powder coated in original silver. 0 miles have been covered since refurb. 4 good tyres, two being practically brand new Kumhos £350 collected from south East Kent or I can courier at cost
  7. Im after 1 Estoril alloy if anyone has one spare? Thanks
  8. Bahn Brenner RSR outlet, G60 hard pipes and intercooler too please. Will send a message
  9. How do I add pics? Photobucket doesn't seem to work anymore. I can email or text some
  10. I've got a set of 16" Borbet C wheels Two brand new tyres, two good tyres all 195/45/16 size. Good condition but not mint. Having trouble posting pics. Happy to courier at cost. £250 Located in South East Kent
  11. I'm looking for an original Corrado owners manual for my 92 G60. I'm not fussed about the wallet, but do need the manual. Anyone have one lying around that doesn't want the obscene eBay tax? Thanks
  12. Hi mate.

    I haven't driven on them, they came with my G60. They do have marks, scratches and little dings on the rims, but nothing a refurb wouldn't be able to sort out.

    Paisley want £27 I think for 3 wheels and tyres (one has a tyre on)




  13. Do you want all three mate? I can get them couriered with Paisley freight
  14. I've got three Sebring wheels. No centre caps and could all do with a refurb. Any good to anyone at £15 each? Located in Kent but can courier at cost
  15. Hmm, interesting. My valve is black instead of yellow (I doubt that's a problem). There are two nipples on that but they are looped together with one piece of hose. I will plug the vacuum from the bulkhead onto it and blank one and see what happens.
  16. This is the one. I just cap this one off? https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/rX34y5 I've also got a vacuum line that seems to run right to the back of the back, maybe the dash MFA vacuum?
  17. Do you have the airbox or has that long gone?
  18. That should read capped, not called. That's predictive text for you and me not checking. I will get a pic up tomorrow when it's light again, but I am left with an open vacuum coming from the shutoff valve. Wasn't sure if I cap it or loop it back in somewhere When started the idle shoots up to 2k now so it's obvious that it can't stay open due to the air leak. I'll grab a picture. Thanks
  19. Cheers for the help guys. Have removed it all now. Small vacuum on the back of the throttle body called. Larger one on the side of the throttle body called. The one that's on the front of the inlet (in the middle) has been called off. My only question is the one that's on the brake servo line that loops into the inlet manifold on the end, is that to now be capped off completely or looped back in?
  20. Are they standard height springs? Ideally In after something lowered. I know I should buy new but a supercharger rebuild is a priority but there's no way I can free up the coilovers on there. Cheers
  21. Im after a suspension setup for our G60. The coilover fitted are seized up and the car is too low so is anyone selling a useable suspension setup for a 92 G60? Thanks
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