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  1. Problem solved - and so easy when you know how! Raise the roof and lift the cover and slide it in - simple!
  2. Hello. I have replaced the sunroof in my Corrado with a Corrado sunroof (so I so have the liner lifting arms) but cannot see how the liner fits back - everything else is in and I thought it just slid back and clipped in but it seems that is not the case! It took quite a whack to unclip it when I took it out but I am wary of pushing too hard putting it back lest I break off the arms. Is there a knack to refitting the liner? Cheers David
  3. DGL

    Sunroof Motor Wiring

    Problem solved - it was the motor, replacement with one from a Mk3 Golf has done the job. I do not want to tempt fate but the Corrado has a working sunroof - or at least it does today! Latest problem, the foam backed lining has started to come away from the edges of the inner cover, the foam is virtually dust. When I have sorted out the seal and the lining I think I might disconnect the switch! No, I will disconnect the switch!! Cheers
  4. DGL

    Sunroof Motor Wiring

    Thanks guys - I thought I had centred the motor by taking it off the roof and using the central locking? The screws are definitely fully in - although that looked doubtful at one stage as I dropped one screw as I went to put the motor back and it fell through the gap by the hand brake, I had to take the central console out to find it. I am getting to hate the sunroof with a vengeance - and that is before I have to buy £90 of external sunroof seal. Do you know if the old style three wire motor would work with the later six wire controller? How? Can you give me a steer towards the instructions/parts to overhaul the motor? Cheers David
  5. I have just replaced the sunroof in my 1994 Corrado and the sunroof motor will move the roof panel only an inch or so forwards and backwards, it then stops and the relay just clicks and no movement. It is not the usual broken nearside carriage problem as the roof can be hand cranked backwards, forwards, up and down. I have checked that the roof panel and the carriages are aligned and the whole cassette is smothered in silicon grease. Do the late model motors get tired and can they be overhauled? If not, does a Mk3 Golf motor have the same forward, back, tilt functionality? I have an early model Corrado sunroof motor in my spares box but the wiring is quite different, with three wires instead of six. Does anyone know whether the wiring can be adapted and if so how? Thanks for your help. David
  6. Hello Si, thanks for the reply. Does the splitter fit into the groove along the bumper with the reinforcing bar under the back of the bumper below that groove? That is how I tried to fit it but then the five raised, threaded brackets on the reinforcing bar were pushed upwards by the shape of the bumper groove and were not square to the fixing bolts. Everything else lines up but this seems wrong? Cheers. David
  7. Hello. I took the splitter of my car - well a grass verge helped a bit - a while ago and have forgotten how to put it back! I bought new set of apparently the right OEM screws and clips on the forum but the screws seem far too short and I cannot see where to put the clips. If the brackets on the reinforcing bar go behind the bumper and the splitter clips into the bumper it would seems what I needed were longer set screws and some washers but the way the reinforcing bar brackets angle when behind the bumper does not look right? Is the splitter held on by screws through the splitter, the bumper and the reinforcing bar into a bracket on the reinforcing bar? Seems such a daft thing to have to ask! Thanks for any help.
  8. Is the gaiter for the handbrake black? Is it still available? And the black plastic rear number plate plinth? Cheers
  9. Does the sunroof work and is it still available? ? How much would it be? Cheers
  10. Is the sunroof still available or did it go? How much would it be? Cheers
  11. Hello Is the sunroof in working order? If so how much would it be? The whole roof is none too practical to send by courier and I actually only need the cables and carriages would you be willing to pull these out of the frame and send? Cheers David
  12. Hello: Do you still have the sunroof and the steering wheel? Cheers.
  13. An excellent description and you are bang on right about both the Golf sunroof and the flimsiness of the little arms that lift the blind - I have very recent and unfortunate experience of both! If anyone has a sunroof that has broken on the passenger side (as they usually do!) I would love to have the drivers side cable.
  14. Hello Photo of my broken nearside carriage is attached - the part number is 722 686 877. My thumb is holding the cable and carriage together but the break is clearly shown. Cheers David
  15. Hi. Does the sunroof work properly? If so please let me know how much you want for it. Cheers
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