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  1. Hi guys I've had play in the steering of my rado since I've owned it, I've slowly narrowed it down to the lower bearing in the column ( I'm guessing there's a bearing there) Basically i had column to rack UJ shaft disconnected earlyer and I could wobble the end of the column a good 5mm in each direction . Has any one changed one before? And more importantly is this play I've mentioned normal (pretty sure it's not lol) Cheers Kyle
  2. No ive never changed them, I've heard there a common cause but I thought I'd start by sorting out the slack first Cheers
  3. Hi guys Been plagued with horribly vague steering with my rado since I've owned it and it seems to be caused by play in the steering I've noticed play in the UJ in the foot well and I suspect there will be also in the one in the engine bay. Two questions really. 1. Where's the best play to buy these? 2. I happen to have a mk 2 jetta I'm breaking, would I be lucky enough that I could take those? Cheers Kyle
  4. Hi guys A mechanic friend of mine informed me today that the laws have now changed and if I was too put my car in for a mot and it failed the mot expires then rather than continuing to the end date? Apprently you can't get a 13 month mot by going in a month early either. Is it just me this news to? When did it change as it all seems a bit sneaky Cheers
  5. Does any one have a pic of their old hoses etc?
  6. Hi guys OK so I've got some new late calipers and hoses for my corrado g60 but I've noticed that the hole in the caliper has a dome like seat for the hose to seal on but the hoses are flat with a slight chamfer. Am I right in thinking that these are the wrong ones? Cheers
  7. Ah cheers didn't know the later hoses are a straight swap with them. Do you happen to know if the later hoses are the shorter ones of the two sold for corrados?
  8. Cheers for the advice guys From ECP a set of front calipers was only £100 after the surcharge is detucted so I went for them:) One problem I have now is that I think they have supplied late calipers in place of the correct early ones. Basically the new ones are minus the small metal brake line and bracket that are bolted on two my current ones, any one know if I'm right?
  9. Fronts, I'm presuming it's not the wind type like the rears? No I didn't try to push the pistons in or out with a airline, judging by how hard it was to push in it wouldn't have moved. On previous cars I've been able to push the calipers by in with my hands, these were seriously tight
  10. Hi guys Changed the brake pads on my g60 today, I now have binding brakes due to what i think is partially seized pistons. Basically the pistons the pistons just wouldn't retract, I think I should have just gave up and got new calipers but insted I got them off and used a vice to push them in. Any now my brakes are binding, am I correct in thinking this is the pistons seized in the caliper? Cheers
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