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  1. Hi Clive, I am looking for the passenger side door trim that runs inside the car between the bottom of the window and the top of the leather interior door card. Unfortunately It was cracked when they installed my sound system… I have already replaced it once but due to the age of the plastic it cracked again. I presume this would be the same part and colour altho i'm not completely sure? I have a 1995 classic green VR6 storm with beige leather interior… I can send you a photo of the part if needs be. Many thanks
  2. Yes guys u are indeed correct... I have the original Storm brochure which says it's Classic Green Pearl Effect. Lovely :)
  3. Cheers for the help guys... found and messaged Jim. Have a lovely day people :)
  4. Cheers again :) tried searching Jim but no results? does he have a user name i can use to find him?
  5. Just wondering if anyone has a reiger 3 bar grill and light spoiler for sale for my VR6 Storm? I have one somewhere at my dads house but he can't find it, gutted.... trying to avoid buying a new one but i will if i have to. Already have 3 different grills for it but would like to add the reiger one to the collection. Variety is the spice of life after all :)
  6. Cheers Clumpy :) Help of a mod? do u mean like a site moderator to change the username? how do i do this... who do i msg for help and guidance? sorry i'm new to this forum... just need a few pointers :)
  7. Haha... yeah mate! It's all about that splendid reflection in the windows... plenty of vanity opportunities in Bristol to :) altho I must say I'm rather addicted to the sound of Vaughan's storm when u open her up... it sounds awesome and handles like it's on rails! It really is something special! feeling blessed and high on life right now! truly amazing how one of these beauties can make u feel :D still gona be well sad to see the original one go tho but at least it's found a good home which is the most important thing.
  8. Also... Does anyone on here know how to change your user name? settings will let me adjust all info apart from changing my user name? there must be a way and my knick name is vinny... kinda wanted to change it to Vinny_VR6 sounds much better than Darren Brown! any ideas? can't work out how to do it :)
  9. I hope he keeps it standard to Chris... If i'm being honest I really wanted to keep them both and garage the original one for some TLC but unfortunately i've just been made redundant and really couldnt afford to keep them both :( on the other hand Liam is a great guy and passionate about the storm so i'm glad it's gone to someone as enthusiastic as myself... that was the main thing i wanted to achieve in the sale and feel like its going to a worthy owner :)Hopefully when i'm back on track my mission is to buy a mystic blue storm to go with the new pearl green one i bought off of Vaughan... thats my ultimate goal and the stuff dreams are made from Haha :D
  10. Yeah mate, be fun to get them all together! I'm on that one :)
  11. Will do mate :) gonna do a professional photo shoot with both of the storms in a lovely location on sunday before Liam picks the original one up... will post many photo when there all done :D
  12. Haha... Indeed i did! It's so nice having the original storm and the boom tactic one i bought from vaughan together :) I'm gona do a photo shoot in a lovely location on sunday with both of them together before Liam come to collect. I'll get some good shots and post them for all to see :D
  13. Really glad u liked the storm Liam... when u come to pick it up i'll take u out in the other one to :)
  14. Corrado Storm VR6 - Pearl Green, Great condition, low miles, cherished car Original 2.9 vr6 storm (190 bhp) RARE! Original BBS solitude alloys 2 x Firestone front tyres (in good condition) 2 x Continental rear tyres (in good condition) Classic Green pearl effect Great condition (original) Full cream heated leather 101K miles 8 previous owners (with me since Feb 2014) Full Service History (Service book fully stamped and up to date) MOT: July 2014 Tax: June 2014 Service next due: July 2014 CAT 1 Alarm/Immobiliser HPI certificate Full history It has a combination of VW Main Dealer and very reliable local garage - very thick file! Last serviced July 2013 (including oil filter, air filter, fuel filter) Replaced since i've owned the vehical New windscreen 1 week ago (18th june 2014) Replaced in preparation for the MOT as had a stone chip. General Fully working spoiler. Working sunroof (slides and tilts) although can sometimes be tempremental. Working electric mirrors. Working heated leather seats. Corrado mats - good condition. JVC fold away CD stereo head unit. Negatives The electric sunroof is temperamental and works on and off.. this is a common problem with corrados. The BBS Solitude alloys have some curbing and could maybe do with re-furbing in the future. There is a small scuff on the front passenger side quarter pannel although this will polish out. There are a few stone chips to be touched up. The Air guide grill and 1 tow eye cover has a small amount of damage and can easily be fixed. The passenger leather seat has a small minimal amount of wear. All of these negatives where present when I acquired the vehical but this did not make any difference to me at the time as this was going to be a long term exiting project. I would be willing to knock off money for the cost of an MOT as it only has 1 month left but I am expecting it to sail through with no problems as the MOT's in recent years have passed with no advisories. I would also be prepared to discus the SERVICE and TAX. Summary This is a stunning car in great condition inside and out and has been my pride and joy for the 4 months that i've owned it. It's been well looked after and regularly serviced in the past. I've have kept the car clean and tidy. It's in great condition throughout for a 20 year old car and has had a health check with Heritage VW in Bristol as soon as I bought it... they were very complimentary about the car and its condition. It has also had the tracking checked recently and I have the print out from Kwik Fit. There is no rust on the body and the paintwork is in very good condition - what minor marks there are are too small to come across in photos! Its only ever been hand washed in my ownership but could do with a good polish and wax! The BBS Solitude alloys are in good condition with some curbing. Its been 100% reliable in the 4 months I've owned it and has never lost a drop of oil or water. Since mid February I've done around 1600 miles. It drives superbly and sounds great. There really are not many VR6 Storms left in this condition. If I could afford to keep it I would however I have recently been made redundant and obviously can not afford to have such a luxury at this present time. This is a fast car and handles very well indeed... It looks great and is a real thrill and privilege to drive. It's a real head turner and i've received many compliments. Call/text Darren on 07411308402 for more information or to arrange a viewing. I am based in south Bristol. I will only except cash payment in full on purchase and collection of the car. No time wasters please! List Date: 6/25/2014 Location: Bristol, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: Corrado Storm VR6 - Pearl Green, Great condition, low miles, cherished car -------------------------------------- SOLD -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Corrado Storm VR6 - Pearl Green, Great condition, low miles, cherished car Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
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