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  1. I'm down for the tray and windscreen trim for sure
  2. Yup, I have this setup (though I have the Sport Japan style disc as I'm a tart sometimes). They're pretty sweet that's for sure. Need a 5-8mm spacer for 17 RX2s. Blimmin good price that :|
  3. Is that not the seal for the passenger footwell vent?
  4. Wow, that's really kind thank you. Just this second discovered that classic parts of Germany actually hold the gear so hopefully the insurers will play ball with it. If it's something like 28 days delivery for some reason I may well take you up on your offer thanks mate :)
  5. Still on the lookout for a rear bumper bar and 2 brackets please everyone. Ta
  6. Still up for grabs :puppydogeyes:
  7. Guessing the p&p will be 6 quid or thereabouts. Not a great price if I'm honest. Bugger cause I was passed your way recently. £18 takes it.
  8. Be a shame to scrap it tbh
  9. Yes matey, race version. Thanks anyway though guv :thumbleft:
  10. Any use to anyone? 13mm thick. Will be as brand new once stuck back on, admittedly there is some residual [ATTACH]87479[/ATTACH][ATTACH]87482[/ATTACH][ATTACH]87485[/ATTACH]residue but it won't pose a problem. £18 delivered. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I have a 2nd hand set..? Nothing wrong with it, I was just being a fussy t1t and wanted the waffle type. It's 20mm
  12. Gotcha. I'd whip it off and see what's what but some bloke's gotta come out with a clipboard n'that first. Guess it'll be just the bar from what you say but if the brackets are fairly inexpensive I guess it wouldn't hurt to have them at the ready n'all.
  13. Just the bracket please bud. Just to get me up to speed, is it actually as bracket or some kind of mini bar thing designed to absorb some of the impact? Or a mix maybe. Me knowwa nuffing :)
  14. Shall do matey. If you wouldn't mind giving me some idea on cost (for the insurers) and if you'd be prepared to post something like that. ta
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