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  1. ... sigh ... if only. Of the 5 that we know of, two are members cars (but off the road), a third the owner's son did join many years ago, posted twice then disappeared. Another one haven't heard hide nor hare of since 2007, last seen around Cardiff, then there's my old one, in Ireland, but don't think the owner's on here...
  2. lol - that's what I keep saying ...
  3. Whereabouts are you? I might be interested for my A2 ... :)
  4. Do you want some from the early CCGB days?
  5. Woooa Jim - it must be more than 15 years surely Or do you mean 15 years continuous?
  6. Nearly as rare as a road going Campaign ;)
  7. '92 - they were really early VR6s.
  8. What sort of price would you be asking for it now? Bit of a trek for me to come and take a looksee unless I can convince the Mrs and it's worth it...
  9. C'mon Jim, you know that that kind of information is lost many years ago in the mist of time. It IS Majik's old car, and I thought it a bit odd that the chappy had put the interior up on fleabay so quickly after posting it on FB. Lots of misinformation flying about though 8-)
  10. Bugger all Jimbo, give me your scrapper instead ;)
  11. It's not full, it's missing the dashboard, carpeting, gearknob and gearknob boot. Plus the steering wheel is pretty worn out, and missing it's purple inserts.
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