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  1. Always good to hear from a happy customer :) Although it was a bit of a challenge, Paul enjoyed building your system, as it made a welcome change from 4" backboxes on 1.2 Corsas... Blatant plug ;) - If anyone else wants a quote on a top-quality system with a lifetime warranty, give us a call (0121 643 3320) or drop us an email ([email protected])
  2. Great to hear you're pleased with the exhaust - I told you Paul was a perfectionist! You'll find the sound changes slightly as the stainless goes through some heat cycles and as the inside surfaces get sooted up - the sound will probably lose the slightly harsh edge that most T304 systems have from new keep us posted on how it beds in
  3. Hi All - apologies for the earlier inadvertent spamming of TrackSlag's exhaust thread :bonk: - thought I'd best start my own. I came across this forum while Googling for owners clubs having difficulty sourcing exhausts I work for Longlife Exhausts in Birmingham - we'd be happy to arrange a group buy for Corrado systems. If we can get enough people interested, we may also be able to flex the prices a little, although TBH, they are pretty keen anyway. To give you an idea, a cat-back system would be in the region of £299 for a 1.8 / 2.0 and £359 for a G60 or VR6. As g0ldf1ng3r has already mentioned on Trackslag's thread, the difference with Longlife versus Powerflow (and most custom-build stainless systems) is that the Longlife warranty is transferable between owners and is thus for the lifetime of the car, NOT just for the lifetime of the current owner's time with the car. This effectively means that a Longlife system is the last exhaust a car will ever need - a factor which helps resale considerably (although I imagine a lot of Corrado owners aren't planning a sale anytime soon.....) We've done a couple of Golf VR6s with very nice results. Paul (the owner of Longlife Birmingham and the guy that builds the systems) built my Fiat Coupe turbo 3" system several years and 150,000 miles ago and its still solid and shiny (when I can be bothered to get the Autosol out....) Have a look at the build examples area of our website for an idea of what we're capable of. So - is anyone interested in being the first forum guinea pig?
  4. Ah - when TrackSlag mentioned "is this something worth us pursuing" I was wondering whether he was referring to "us" as his own company, or just the forum generally No offence intended and apologies for hijacking the thread - Mods feels free to delete my posts if required
  5. Post deleted by Nigel - apologies for the inadvertent spamming of another trader's thread
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