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  1. Sorry for extremely slow reply, wow just seen my old car is for sale. So the person who bought it off me needed a new engine? Oh dear. Glad to hear it's still on the road by why is it being sold? I'd be interested in an original spec VR6 with low mileage to keep in a garage :-)
  2. Thanks, just taken it in and ended up agreeing on changing both master and slave. All in around £250, which isn't too bad I think :-)
  3. Morning! Been a while since I've posted on here but this is still my favourite VW forum! Right, this morning driving the Polo to the station from cold, selecting a gear was very difficult but no grinding or clonking noises while doing this. When parking up the car stalled and I couldn't select any gear without grinding the gearbox - nice noise! Then the clutch pedal goes down and stays down so I'm thinking it's the clutch or a slave cylinder. The car is a 2003 (MK6) VW Polo 1.2 with 38,000 miles on the clock but it's had a hard life as a shopping cart and many short trips. The RAC guy who used to be an Audi technician lifted the clutch pedal back up and everything now works fine it seems.... However he suggested it's either a seal on the master cylinder or slave cylinder that has rolled down and rolled back up as he's pulled up the clutch pedal. More than likely the Master cylinder. Any thoughts? I don't want to take it to VW as they'll just replace the master cylinder I imagine, maybe a specialist and advise them what I think might be the issue? Can they just replace a seal and be able to see which one is faulty? Thanks!
  4. Thanks All! very useful posts. I think the kind of person that would hire say an E46 M3 Convertible or 993 Cab would drive more sensibly than say a 968 club sport or E30 M3 so that is one starting point. Not many people want a convertible in the winter though so this limits months of hire. From companies such as P1, supercarhire etc they charge £1k for an E90 M3 for a weekend and want £10k deposit so I think £350 - £400 for an E46 with maybe £3k deposit could be reasonable. The majority of car values would be £15k - £20k. Z4's and RS4's would be good choices - want to stick with the FastGerman thing :-). Maybe E39 M5 and CLK 55 (original F1 pace car). It's down to insurance costs now really as I won't have more than 3 cars to start with so need to look into the profit margin. If I had say an E46 M3 SMG and it came back with an SMG fault and an engine fault, worst case a new engine £10k from BMW and new SMG clutch and hydraulics at £5k could then kill the business at day 1. More research needed :-).
  5. Hi Guys / Girls I haven't been on this forum for a while but it's still the only forum I know that is full of nice, normal people. PH does my head in but it's fun winding up the GTR followers with Porsche comments :-). Anyway, I'm thinking about setting up a 'modern classics' sports car hire company. There are lots of places to go for Ferrari's etc for £1k per day but not many places to hire say an E30 M3, M3 convertible, Corrado Storm, E Type, Karman Ghia etc. Please could you let me know if: - A) would you consider hiring a modern classic car? B) How much would you pay to rent an E46 M3 for a weekend? (£400 reasonable?) C) Do you think deposit requirements of £5k are reasonable, if not, what amount or security do you think is acceptable? D) Honestly, would you rag the pants off it? Thanks in advance! CF discount coming your way if I ever get it off the ground :-)
  6. Hi All! I have purchased a new bumper to have a play with and noticed it has some uneven spray - maybe a spray can. The paint is quite thick in some areas and wondering if it's best to sand down or try and strip with nitromours (if there is a type that doesn't melt plastic). Does anyone know a good bodyshop in the Guildford area also just for a bumper to be sprayed up? Unsure if I should just give them the bumper or try prepping it myself first Cheers
  7. I have a similar problem - drivers door lock is different to the rest of the car and has it's own key. Popped down to Colbornes VW, Guildford and they said I need a new barrel (£48) and an hours labour (£86 excl vat). Total is circa £150.... Anyone got any cheaper options?
  8. markrtw That's exactly what mine did, however the water temp has not gone over 108 for the past few weeks. The car I bought was in storage for 3 years and i've only done 500 miles in it since July so maybe it just needed a good hooning! All stages of the fans are now working so god knows, either it fixed itself or the mechanic did it and didn't tell me about it.
  9. Such a nice car! Keep it as it is and don't do too many mods e.g. charging it. If you must do engine mods I have an M reg VR on 69k, which I'll happily p/x with you and you can do anything to it! :-) This is easily my favourite Corrado!
  10. Okay, just had my car serviced - oil, plugs, filters, coolant (all the proper VW stuff). The oil temp goes up to 114 and water to 110 - mfa and clocks. The fan does kick in at 110 I'm told but not before unless the engine is turned off. I've had two previous VR6 Corrado's and the water tep never went up to 110. There is no loss of performance or any warning lights at 110 and it does not go any hotter but it should be around 95-100 at most as I was cruising at 77 mph only. The switch can't be buggered as the fan comes on, the sensors are correct and other than hooking up to VAG-COM I'm unsure what to do, except possibly an oil cooler. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks chap, i'll try that! The other issue is that the fan won't run whilst the engine is running but it will kick in as soon as the engine is turned off? Switch below where the battery is?
  12. Can we have a 'cooling trouble shooters guide for dummies' please as this makes absolutely no sense to me.... I've just bought an M red VR6 on 69k and the water temp reading is going up to 110, whereas the oil temp on the maf says 108 at most. The coolant is the colour of rust and the oil is black as the car has sat in a garage for 3 years - will be serviced on Saturday! The fans only turn on after I turn the ignition off and even at 110 degrees do not kick in until the engine is turned off? Any thoughts before I go and buy a 5 speed setting fan with AC???? Biggerbigben thinks I need a new fan switch but after calling up VW they say there are several - so I said I'd find out on the C forum! Cheers Neil
  13. Bloody good choice! Ben needs 4x4 though as he put an slk 0.200 in a ditch...
  14. Need an update Ben: - 2 Corrado's under covers superbike smartcar Scirocco Merc C280 Possibly 911! Just for Ben's assistance, let me post a question: - Lotus Exige or 993 C4s or 996 Obviously Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious is nice but it's no 911!
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